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Of fucking course we weren't taught this in school. Why do we even bother with the fiction that the US is anything other than a century-old kike golem?

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In school I was taught he was a communist I swear to god

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his name was never mentioned once in my school. There was a lot of focus on fingernail-indented concrete walls though.

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I had to find out about him on my own and if any teacher knew about him they called him a dangerous populist.

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OMG! I thought I had a good ivy league education, and well read, but somehow no (((lecturer))) ever once taught me about Huey Long.

(((Someone))) manipulated me! And I paid a shitload of money for the brainwashing. WHY?!?!?

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TrUSt tHe PLan!

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What does Q have to do with this post?

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Now I understand why the leftist education system talked about how Roosevelt was the greatest president ever and a hero. Praise the puppet and rewrite history.

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I didn't know this! I'll have to do some further reading. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, OP.

Jewish revolutionary spirit.

Great book, btw.

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iTs JuSt LiKe StAr WaRs

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Great post, OP, great information and formatting. I never knew this.

Long split with Roosevelt in June 1933 to plan his own presidential bid for 1936 in alliance with the influential Catholic priest and radio commentator Charles Coughlin.

He was forced off the air in 1939 because of his pro-fascist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Just learned this as well, imagine how based it would be to have a president running with a fascist and anti semitic priest.


After hinting at attacks on Jewish bankers, Coughlin began to use his radio program to broadcast antisemitic commentary. In the late 1930s, he supported some of the fascist policies of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. The broadcasts have been described as "a variation of the Fascist agenda applied to American culture"

I can't believe I've never heard about this guy before.

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also look up ezra pound

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One of the first leftists that found out he had been duped, and then did the research to figure out how it all happened. We actually owe him a great debt, because I don't think many knew the ins and outs of the Federal Reserve system at that time. He ended up guiding Eustace Mullins in the right direction, who in turn inspired and educated thousands, if not millions (these days Zerohedge commenters are carrying that torch).

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Oh, but Pound was crazy! Or so they said, keeping him locked away for years, to shut him up, and to discredit his antisemitic views.

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I did. What about him?

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You can find plenty of father Coughlin's writings. He was super popular, which is one of the reasons the Jews and the coopted WASPs attacked the Catholics soon after WW2. E Michael Jones details part of this in his book 'the slaughter of cities'.

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This means anti-war.

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The jews don't play fair and neither should we.

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Beating the Jew with immorality won't happen, but they would love for you to think so. They can only be fought with Truth and Christ.

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Sounds like what a Jew would say so that we don't fight back. I say we meet them murder for murder. Hell for every murder they do we kill two of theirs. It the Chicago way and that's how you beat Capone.

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You aren't beating anything with how cucked christianity has become.

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Have you tried bullets?

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Fucking, Boomer! Quiet, you!

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The primary issue they had him killed was he was popular enough to have divided the vote sufficiently to threaten FDR's chance at winning. It was unlikely he would win, especially with the media backing the chosen puppet.

This is covered in Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

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Saving this for later. Will read.

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Best book I've read on the Q. Amazing it is still available free online still.

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Funny how opponents of the (((Fed))) like Huey Long and Louis McFadden wind up dead.

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Hilter and Lincoln were destroyed for ceding the (((international banking cartel))) and issuing their own currency. Gaddafi was about to do the same.

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Posts like these is why Voat continues to be a great community. I've learned more truth in history here and on /pol/ than I have with years of Jewish school books. Thanks OP for quality post.

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And other Jews try to float the idea that Weiss didn't so it. Just like they pushed that the Rosenbergs were innocent and that Leo Frank was innocent and Aaron Kosminski isn't Jack the Ripper. Basically, Jews never do anything wrong.

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Don't forget the story about Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, where the jew who confessed to doing it, didn't actually do it.

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Or Jews confessing to Poisoning wells while trying to overthrow medieval Europe :

"Know also, lord, that lepers have been captured in Avignon and subjected to torture, and it is said that they have confessed that they were to poison all the waters of wells and fountains that were outside of houses, and that this is to be presumed. It has already been decreed in Avignon that no one should use water from outside fountains. And it is said that Jews consented to all this. We are notifying Your Serenity of this so that you may take precautions that from this or similar deeds no harm come to your people." - Excerpt from Sancho's letter to James ----- Leprosorium

"contemporary letters and documents tell of the Jews’ association with the Saracens and of plans for setting up a government composed of Jews, lepers, and Muslims to take over Europe in the aftermath of the calamity.

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Wow. Great post thanks.

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