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Go buy a couple of milkshakes and smear them all over the tables & windows inside the dining area or dump them all over the cash registers. Let's see how they feel about their snarky tweet after a bunch of people do that to their restaurants.

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Better buy 50¢ frostie at Wendy's and smear it everywhere at BK.

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Buy two. Those frostys are pretty good.

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Yeah, buying their milkshakes is like paying to leave a comment in superchat on youtube to tell somebody you don't like them.

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Yeah punish the minimum wageys for what the moron social media manager said online

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I’ve never been to a bk that wasn’t totally staffed by nigs. Fuck it. Let them do some actual work

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so? let the niggers who work there learn to clean for once.

[–] Gorillion 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Yes, because that moron social media manager will get his ass kicked hard for incitement.

[–] u_spez_is_a_cuck ago 

Absolutely. It will come right back to zir

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Just buy it and let it tip over at your table. You can claim it was an accident if anyone catches you after walking out.

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Or order a couple milkshakes in the drivethru and not stop at the window to get them.

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your still paying them

buy milkshakes from chick fil a and dump those out

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Write "It's ok to be white" in chocolate.

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Vandalism, criminal mischief, terrorism, and whatever the subhuman iq containing law enforcement can conjure up. Probably a hate crime even

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Just yell "Allahu Akhbar" and the police will leave you alone (even if you are throwing bricks) for fear of being called 'Islamophobes'.

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yeah we should refrain from using firearms as that would feed their narrative

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I miss the days when a fucking shitty hamburger chain didn't get involved in fucking politics. How hard is it to just shut the fuck up and sell hamburgers?

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The answer is KILL ALL JEWS AND NIGGERS!! Would you like fries with that?

[–] Schreiber ago  (edited ago)

Look at it from other perspective.

Burger King encourages throwing milkshake on Tommy and Sargon who are accused as jews/crypto jews/zionist/controlled opposition.

Hence Burger King is a real nazi trying to cleanse the right-wing movement from pro-Israel shills.

[–] iLuvJews ago 

Look at people on twitter with the most followers.

It's all people in fields unrelated to politics talking about orange man bad.

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BK is Garbage anyway. The fries are the worst in class, the burgers are mediocre. They are selling fucking 'sad meals' or w/e the fuck.

I'll go see my mistress Wendy, my classic rock loving pal Moe or enjoy the tendie sauce diversity at Chick Fill-a..

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Don't be a nigger...prepare your own food.

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Isn't Robinson a dirty fucking zionist?

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Yes, but that doesn't mean we should be happy about BK threatening them. BK is so far kiked that they see Sargon and Robinson as White supremacists and racists. Their reasoning is what matters.

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Kill them Adolf, kill them all.

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Sounds like a good day to get a McDonalds milkshake and spike it on the floor of a Burger King.

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I'd prefer Wendy's, tbh, if we're talking about fast food joints. Or Chik-Fil-A.

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I almost never see blacks at Wendy's. Not sure why, maybe it's just the location of my nearest one. But it's always pleasant in there.

[–] WitnesstheSalt ago 

Well it's not like you're buying it to consume it.

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Dressed as a clown

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"Our milkshakes bring all the boys to the Scotland Yard"

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Replying just to draw attention to this excellent pun.

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Fucking fast food restaurants pushing political violence now. That accelerationism, I guess. They have made themselves combatants, their stores are now justifiably subject to attack and vandalism and petty theft.

[–] Sburban_Shitposter ago 

jesus christ reddit is fucking insane nowadays.

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Thanks. I was wondering why anyone would think that from the posted message.

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Just so you know, Tommy Robinson is a zionist shill..so many videos on that out there. This is more manufactured distractions from the jewish controlled press

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Propably this sorry for YT but cant find another source quick.

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and suddenly, one day, for no reason at all, Hitler was in charge.

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