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Can we just fucking skip to the end already. We all know where this is going.

These creatures are a thorn in humanity's side.
It's like they're begging to be wiped out anyway. We should take that as informed consent.

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I still don't understand why Poland is paying reparations. They were a conquered nation at the time. All I can think of is the politicians are getting a huge kickback.

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seems like shitsrael now owes him reparations!

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Let's assume the holocaust was a thing.

Remember how the Poles gladly invited the Germans in to happily do their bidding, and greatly benefited from it all?

Oh wait, that never happened, they got blitzkrieged on two fronts and ended up getting "kiberated" by the Soviets so hard that they still haven't recovered.

The holohoax is fucking bullshit. But these damn kikes trying to shake Poland down sure do belong in ovens.

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YoloCo$t shekels NOW !

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From what I have read so far, any massacres of jews in eastern europe were not done at the request of Berlin but they were done by Poles and Ukies mainly.

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Israel keeping it classy.

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