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oy vey Ann needs to shut his face. Jared & Ivanka Kuchner are browning America to make it beautiful. Shaloms™✡️ and praise israel's wall

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Ever see that MF'rs adams apple? Gaddamn lol

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Man share blue made it here too? Still taking orders from HRC? Doesn't that seem dangerous at this point? Or you're still convinced she's going to win?

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Not sure if you are playing along with the satire or just don't know @NosebergShekelman by now

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Are you guys retarded? Do you think this is because Obama was some sort of fucking savior? Christ Voat is full of imbeciles now.

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ya, anyone that's ok with Obama isn't a real voater

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Just shills. Its election season again. They are everywhere.

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The fuck are you saying? Noone is cheering on that nigger lmao. Trump is a traitor and Obama is a foreigner

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What? It’s clearly just highlighting the conundrum that it doesn’t even matter who we vote for because we get the same agendas regardless.

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Trump was put in power for 2 things:

  1. people were getting way too angry in USA,so kikes needed somebody who would talk nationalistic and make them calm down(trust the plan, goy) and of course, do this without actually doing anything nationalistic.

  2. They are too concerned how things are going in ME/far east, in ME their plan of Greater Israel has suffered serious setbacks in Syria and Iraq, in Eastern Asia China seems to be gaining power rapidly and putting kike control of that region and the world under threat, hence they need somebody who will have aggressive policy (and possibly start a war), now you may ask why didn't they do it under Obama or why wouldn't be able to do it if Hilary was president ? well, of course they would be able to start as many wars as they want under any president,but having (((America First))) (((guy))) in power makes it even easier, if war starts and Americans start returning back home in coffins or trade war with China doesn't go as planed, kike media will be out there blaming all of it on nationalist movement and telling normies bullshit a-la 'oy vey goy, we told you not to elect literally-hitler white nationalist bigot into power,look he sent your kids to die and destroyed your economy, now we need to elect transgender jewish woman-of color into power to fix it'.

Trump already accomplished the first and is very close to fully accomplishing second,but remember,Trust the plan,MAGA,Trump 2020.

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Yeah, that copypasta about co-opting the revolution rings all too true now. Trump has done a lot of good, but on big things like immigration and Israel he's not getting it done.

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I hate to say this but numbers don't lie. I think Trump severely miscalculated on putting up a wall quick. News of a wall leads to a surge of invaders trying to get in while it lasts. That's all there's to it imo.

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I don't think the wall is coming

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Here come the D&C shills, oh boy.

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nice argument jew. not a good look.

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History doesn't lie.

Who's dick went into this roastie's? Shitskin Dinesh is one. Jewish libtard Andrew Stein is another. She also fucked her security guard.

This bitch "fucking" record is as illustrious as the average libtard coalburner cock carousel.

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What is "D&C"? Is it related to the DNC?

Or were you trying to say "Divide and Conquer"?

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I've only ever seen D&C in reference to the latter. The Jews love to use paranoia as a tactic.

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Don't follow someone blindly, just look at facts.

Trump wanted to curb immigration. The globalists keep pushing the wall further away and pay for more immigration caravans. Now, on paper Trump is super shit at his job, but he has let in more people than ever before.

So if more "dreamers" have come through under Trump why does the left keep slating him? Surely he has been the most helpful president in helping these people get into the country?

-(;×.×)-/ Retards. Retards everywhere.

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wow its like they have to keep up appearances and attack him or it will make people suspicious

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So Trump is at fault for the obstructionism and divisiveness which has dragged this out? Like when the Democrats refused to compromise even for DACA amnesty?

Trump prioritized bringing our drone strike program under control, or did you not realize that Obama used more drones in his first year than Bush used all 8?

No you focus on whatever your masters tell you to because you're a dumb broke halfwit.

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Trump succeeds in making boycott of Israel illegal


Trump companies have hired illegals for decades




Trump gives Israel the Golan Heights


Trump moves the embassy for Israel.


We all know who your (((Masters))) are.

Lol 5.5 hour account. I hope you're being getting paid. If your being this much of a faggot for free you should kill yourself.

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The answer is there are now fewer regulations. I am not certain why you think linking Washington Post is somehow a rebuttal.

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So Trump is at fault for

Yes. Fuck off back to reddit you fucking zionist piece of shit.

the obstructionism

They cannot legally obstruct him. Kill yourself for being this stupid.

refused to compromise


Trump prioritized

And failed. Yawn.

No you focus on whatever your masters tell you to because you're a dumb broke halfwit.


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Thanks for that help with the Sun. Nasty business that. I hope we're worth the effort.

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Trump is a pied piper

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