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I finished that book a few months ago, great insight of the inner workings of that system. Even when the USSR supposedly turned against the jews, it was still highly jewish, especially in the areas of media. The communist revolution was really just a revenge by the jews because they weren't getting everything they wanted. They went from controlling 50%+ of the resources to controlling 95%+ of the resources through the system of communism.

I'm reading The International Jew by Henry Ford now. Here is something really interesting included in that book:

So were you able to get ahold of a physical copy or are you reading it online?

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100% journalists and 100% Socail Assistance, lmao

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Yet, people have the gaul to say that Jewish Bolshevism is an antisemitic canard. That's complete bullshit. If you go and look at all of the leadership on the U.S.S.R. most were kikes. Another interesting point is the Communist side of the German Revolution. Pretty much all the Communists were jews. Yet they still wonder why people hate them.

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gall fixed

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I had gotten ahold of a PDF copy from a /pol/ repository.