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When I was 11 or 12 I got caught cheating with my friend in math class (copied homework).....my dad immediately came and got me from school (while in class) and we spent the rest of the day driving through the ghettos/trailer parks...telling me that this is where I will end up if i continue down this path. Most impactful day of my life

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Yeah man seeing the end result can be pretty impactful. Your Dad sounds like a wise man!

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He was just drunk. Couldn’t find his own trailer

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I lived in the suburbs of Chicago for many decades. When family would come in from the rural farming area of Iowa they always enjoyed my tour of Madison Avenue. Started around Maywood and proceeded east. The declining society tour.

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I go to Chicago a good bit. Niggers. But have you seen the south? NIGGERS

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Can confirm. You don't use public transportation here if you can help it.

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Point out the trash and condition of the buildings. Ask your children "How do you think this place became so run-down?" The right answer is "Because the people who live here do not take care of it."

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My dad was famous for taking a "wrong turn" that would bring us into the heart of the ghetto. It was like a 6th sense, whenever we were on vacation. He would then instruct us kids not to say things like watermelon, fried chicken or jigaboo.

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Made the mistake of driving down Avenue D in Rochester NY during the summer with my daughter. Tole her to not make eye contact and just look straight ahead and pray for no traffic lights.

And this was in the freakin daylight hours. Never again did we go that way.

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Protips: Don't gawk, and don't smile. They won't take kindly to it if they know that they're effectively exhibits in a zoo. By the way, this really belongs in /v/talesfromthehood

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Why are all the houses/shacks broken down and why is there fucking garbage everywhere? I laughed when I saw bike lanes in the ghetto, gotta be fair though right?

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