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The arrogant media has an operating principle that is yet to fail. They believe they can lie and
influence negatively with impunity., knowing, that should the tide turn or should they be exposed, it can present an entirely different story, and, after a couple of television nights, the public will have completely forgotten about the earlier, discarded, position. That's what is going on here, with NBC sticking up for the white man. Some politicians, like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, are so bold like this it is hard to believe the public lets them get away with it.

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In pre internet land, this was the case.

But this is not 1980. People do not have the free time that they used to have, they get their news online now, and everything is documented, and people are more argumentative now than ever.

So now when they say something stupid, it is documented, and people are assholes and do not forget. Hence why legacy media keeps losing money and ratings. They can't last forever. they are one market hiccup away from insolvency.

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You are right about that. The old tricks aren't working.

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I’d rather see them gutted by a mob

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You mean it's ok to be white. Doesn't MSNBC consider that a racist message? Beto is a LARPER pretending he's Hispanic so screw him.

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"Beto" the fake Hispanic is a boot-licker and a yes-man for the liberal establishment. He's not going anywhere. Everything he is doing is a huge waste of time and energy ... unless maybe he intends to profit from the contributions to his campaign, the way Bernie Sanders did in the last election.

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The Democratic bosses have lost control of the members, have they not? Now, the individual Democrats are treating politics like a gold rush, wide open for exploitation. No party discipline right now. No Mayor Daley, No LBJ, no whip.