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Which is why I support planned parenthood and you should too. Greatest crime fighting organization in history

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Planned Parenthood may have very well bought us some time

[–] truckboattruck 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago 

ive been trying to make prolifers understand that for years.

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If it were not for Saint Margaret Sanger, we'd be up to our eyeballs in niggers.

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It very well fucking did. I've seen some estimates which speculate that if it weren't for Sanger (pbuh), the US could be as much as ~35% black by now. Imagine tripling the number of niggers in this country. It'd be hell on earth. Fundie Christian Republicans are beyond retarded.

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Well i mean like 51% of them are white so we are still losing a significant amount of functional white people and maybe even some based Koreans or castizos or something. There’s also the issue of the availability of abortions making women even less responsible.

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Im generally pro death. Im not actually @prodeath though, i just think that the death penalty is a-ok, unwanted babies become criminals, and warnings labels are too protect the stupid from themselves.

Kill em all

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The death penalty should be vastly more common.

If someone carries out a felony while in possession of a weapon = death penalty.

Fags and commies complain that the death penalty can sweep up the innocent too, but - like very other social policy - that is just the cost of doing business. The idea that "better 100 guilty go free" is ridiculous.

Consider speed limits on the highways. Speed kills and because of that, thousands of innocents die on the roads each year. But we don't reduce the speed limit to 20mph. Why not? Social policy. We don't really think that each life is of infinite value. we also value a functioning modern economy.

We can make the same argument with regard to the draft (scooping up innocents to send them to die) or assigning health care, or a dozen other social policies which ultimately involve life and death.

If we want to control control, we need the death penalty, and it needs to be applied swiftly and often.

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On the other hand and, strictly devils advocate, it goes without saying that the economy could not sustain an exponential growth in welfare niggers, nor could LEA, municipalities and state level authorities manage an exponential growth in crime. From an accelerationist perspective; more niggers equals more violence and resentment, which means more catalyst opportunities for a race war.

Of course, it could always end up like South Africa, and at a point where winning a race war with 10:1 odds becomes a statistical improbability.

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We can win a race war at all kinds of odds, unless the government sides with our enemies, which it may.

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I'd like to be the first to thank black people for black genocide.

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They've been doing it for thousands of years. The difference is this form involves a vacuum cleaner.

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in africa they birth unwanted babies and leave them in dumpsters, or throw them down elevator shafts

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Coat hangers are cheaper.

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Universe is self-correcting.

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Is there a way to legalize abortion only for them? Like make it only available if you're on welfare. Then make it like a coffee-card setup— get three and the next one's free! Free $100 Walmart gift card for each friend you refer who's also on welfare. The more kids you have, the less welfare you get. Zero kids = highest payout. Anyone not on government assistance gets their taxes cut in half for each kid they raise— and if they really want an abortion: it'll be $1,000,000 each. Charges not dismissed upon bankruptcy, like student loans.

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Cash incentivized sterilization.

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This actually happened. They want the exception too; we just need to be savvy enough to allow it to pass.

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I used to be 100% pro-life, but these statistics change my mind.

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Why does Candace Owens think a growing black population is good for anybody? She's not stupid, I fucking hate how they do this.

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It's just a ploy to get blacks voting Republican. Doesn't work. As a nigger, she should know better. They want gibs and legal weed.

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Because tribalism trumps everything else.

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They are all deceitful and self-serving. There are zero honest public figures.

We should all remove the tendency for hero-worship from our psyches. There are no saviors. There may be friends and colleagues and comrades. But no saviors. And only very temporary leaders,

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It's to direct more nigs to eventually support the jewish cause. She's admitted to being pro-Israel and that her boss is Dennis Prager of Prager U.

If she really only knew who imported in the slaves I wonder if she'd still be working for him. But I imagine the shekels she gets paid make a nice sound in her purse.

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This is exactly why I don't want an abortion ban

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So why are people happy about the abortion ban in AL? They should be against it.

[–] Master_Foo 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Because (((christianity))). The only real resistance to abortion are (((Zionist))) (((christians))). Everyone else is fine with taking out the trash.

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You support stemcells for old jews? Good to know.

[–] Schreiber 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

As long as they share their secret of immortality, why not.

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This is why you guys need to be careful about pushing for anti abortion policies.

[–] ShitPostMcGee 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

You're right. We should keep aborting blacks to supply top jews with stem cells to keep them alive. This can only help whites in the long run

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That is only a problem if the jew does not allow me to use the stem cells, but they do, so it's not a problem at all.

Stem cells are great.

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Does Candace also know the Democrats R the real racists?

That would be a gamechanger if only everyone knew.

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We should get DJT to tweet Q so he can let everybody know! ASAP

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There should be laws against calling the police on blacks ...

...before having tried to shoot them yourself.

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