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35 million pissed away, where is the oversight on that?

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Our taxes are for our masters to use against us at their will, goy.

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This is seriously all they have left in the tank. Lol. They are like the band on the titanic. Singing their songs on the ship as it sinks.

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That band at least had my respect.

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Agreed. This band only knows one song. Lol.

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Just posted about this a few weeks back:

Congress >> Your Constitutional Role is to WRITE Laws, not ENFORCE them. Article One Clearly Limits the Investigative Powers of Congress to Legislative Matters

Article One, Section 8 US Constitution


Although not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, Congress has also long asserted the power to investigate and the power to compel cooperation with an investigation. The Supreme Court has affirmed these powers as an implication of Congress's power to legislate. Since the power to investigate is an aspect of Congress's power to legislate, it is as broad as Congress's powers to legislate. However, it is also limited to inquiries that are "in aid of the legislative function;" Congress may not "expose for the sake of exposure." It is uncontroversial that a proper subject of Congress's investigation power is the operations of the federal government, but Congress's ability to compel the submission of documents or testimony from the President or his subordinates is often-discussed and sometimes controversial (see executive privilege), although not often litigated. As a practical matter, the limitation of Congress's ability to investigate only for a proper purpose ("in aid of" its legislative powers) functions as a limit on Congress's ability to investigate the private affairs of individual citizens; matters that simply demand action by another branch of government, without implicating an issue of public policy necessitating legislation by Congress, must be left to those branches due to the doctrine of separation of powers

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Dog and Pony Show II

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"Congressional investigations are intended to obtain information to aid in evaluating potential legislation, not to harass political opponents or to pursue an unauthorized 'do-over' of exhaustive law enforcement investigations conducted by the Department of Justice," reads the 12-page letter laying out a legal argument for why Nadler is overstepping his bounds.

The letter goes on to say "As presently framed, the Committee's inquiries transparently amount to little more than an attempt to duplicate - and supplant - law enforcement inquiries, and apparently to do so simply because the actual law enforcement investigations conducted by the Department of Justice did not reach a conclusion favored by some members of the Committee."

"This is not a proper legislative purpose," writes Cipollone.