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Good to see brave people standing up for themselves and their family, in face of the deep state's assault.

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What is she supposed to do about it anyway.

I'm sure its just some kind of attempted leverage

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At the very least she's supposed to feel guilty enough to want to overrun Western Civilization with stone age migrants.

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Hmmmm, Nazi cookies in the morning, taste like...dignity.

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I just had a vision. A nice tray of round white cookies with a black swastika of icing on their tops. And sprinkles. Yum.

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Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips. It’s everything I’d hoped it be

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The more they scream at her, the closer the world comes to realize that the real crime of the "holocaust" was forcing a race of parasites to work and pull their own weight like everyone else.

I hope these Streisands keep it up and shout louder.

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Take the Jews on a tour of the cookie plant! Last stop on the tour should be a visit to the ovens.

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forced labour? How about no free ride shlomo?

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"We treated them well" - that is not good enough. "Forced" labourers are slaves. The news article said it happened during WW2. Somehow I am doubting that they were for real treated well. Even if they were given free cookies, it is not good enough. People usually defend their own race. Voat doesn't show race of posters, though. Interesting.

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Jews declared war on Germany in 1933.

The ones forced to work were lucky that hitler loved Jews more than lampshades and soap.

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Can I impregnate you?

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Most of society that believe in inherited sin/guilt are anti-white racists.

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