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She is attempting to be relevant. Massachusetts voters who support this fraud are morons.

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It's basically anyone with a D after their name.

Odd though, they cough up token R governors more often than not.

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That truly is odd...

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I would fuck her tight little Indian ass. Mmm

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How many times can you use squaw and squeal in the same sentence?

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And, how! Poke her right in the tee-pee.

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She's just continuing trying to become the leading "fuck Trump, fuck Republicans" candidate this year. Even Bernie fucking Sanders, the old Marxist turd himself, did a Fox News town hall and won the crowd over on some of his ideas. Even if Warren manages to somehow scrape a win in the primary, she just shot herself in the foot in the general by shunning all the viewers that trust Fox News over the other mainstream slander merchants.

This kind of strategy failure of course comes as no surprise, coming from the same dingbat who tried to back up her supposed Native American heritage with a DNA test showing she's likely got even less native blood than the average white American.

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CNN screams anti white and anti republican hate non stop but she doesn't have a problem with them

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Because they give her softball questions like "what do you think about pot?" "abortion" and "free shit". Watching the CNN town hall showed me they're going to push warren through because of how soft her questions were compared to bernie.

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give bernie credit for not giving a fuck and going on fox to argue

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I'll bet she'd have no problem doing a CNN Town Hall meeting. Fucking hypocrite!

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https://archive.ph/ry8nn :

2019-05-14 | Democrat Warren rejects town hall on 'hate-for-profit' Fox News - Reuters

'She invited Fox News to cover her events, but drew a line.“A Fox News town hall adds money to the hate-for-profit machine,” she wrote on Twitter. “To which I say: hard pass.”'

'Warren’s position contrasts with other Democratic presidential contenders, including some leading her in early opinion polls. '

'Warren’s position could help win her points among Democratic voters in the primary contest. '

'Fox News has already broadcast town halls with Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. '

'Warren noted she has held town halls in more than a half dozen states Trump won by significant margins in 2016. '

This has been an automated message.

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Wasted her "equal time" really stupid.

No one is going to give her time without legally being obligated to.

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Equal time is no longer the law.

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I think there are two different laws. One is gone. One is still used for threats. As far as I can tell, the topic maybe still be up for debate.

Thanks though. I went to go look again. I just remember them talking about it 2015-16.

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Biden, Gillibrand, Warren - they'll all go down in flames. The real candidate is waiting in the wings yet. Could be that ugly jewnegress Harris. We'll see.

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