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Funny how the court's decision seems to have been authored by one Justice ROTHSTEIN.

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oy vey just because he has a dual citizenship doesn't mean anything! You goys and your conspiracy theories. Shaloms™✡️

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I mean surely thats just a coincidence friend. Just like all the other massive coincidences. Stop with the foolish conspiracies!!!

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He's just Dutch (jewish) man there goy, nothing to worry about.

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Where I am from the Dutch essentially act like 6 foot tall+ jews

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Canada proving yet again how it's unworthy of self rule. They are a cancer at this point on NA, we need to lance this boil.

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like this isn't happening in every white country.

but hey, at least you're not speaking german, goy.

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Even as a kid, my response to that was "what's wrong with speaking german?"

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I would imagine that Jewmerica annexes Leafland and Mexico to form Soviet Union 2.0 in a few years to full fill commie fantasies

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Self rule

Head of State is called the Governor General, final signature on all laws, acts as representative of the Queen, who is the lady on the back of all the coins by merit of birth.

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And the Queen's Privy Council are the real government. Bunch of un-elected fucks make the real decisions and then tell the elected officials what the policy will be.

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Canada did ok when it didn't join the Iraq war. However we went to afghanistan for those poppy fields and bachiboys.

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JEWS (ADL) invented "hate speech" to throw a gag in the goy's mouth.

Who said Jews are our misfortune? It wasn't Hitler but no matter, it was a man who spoke the truth.

See: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=717

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JEWS (ADL) invented "hate speech" to throw a gag in the goy's mouth.

This is the ONLY REASON so-called "hate speech laws" even exist. To shield Jews from criticism.

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When you're such a horrid group of people you need laws against hating you

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The real brother nathanael?

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Yeah, me! @



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I hate my country.

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Come to the US. If all right wingers left Canada and came to the US, we could retake this country while Canada absolutely collapses. Then you can go take Canada back with our help. In like ten years, max.

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Would not work if the Jewmerica found out that They were taking in rightfugees then they would build a wall in the north

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20 minute adventure. In and out.

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What this guy says we have a shit ton of natural resources just annex us now so I can get to work doing something meaningful like building up the infrastructure of this massive untapped wilderness

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Wait that's actually an interesting idea -- not with Canadians, but with Americans. It's certainly inconvenient and disruptive, but a large group of conservatives could move to a strategic district the same way Obama stuck a bunch of Muslims in Minneapolis so they could elect Ilhan Omar. Tbh it's too much effort, though, and not a very fun rebellion to watch.

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Why so much Islamophobia?

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Because Islam is terrible

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Reading that passage without seeing that something is seriously wrong is when you know you're brainwashed.

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Very true. It boggles the mind that such irrational double-speak can be used by government agencies or a justice system anywhere in the Western world. You'd have to have your head up your ass to write this Supreme Court of Canada statement.

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In exactly the same manner as truth is an absolute defense to libel, truth is an absolute defense to hate speech. Any "government" that says otherwise has no legitimate claim to that title. The North remembers.

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Coming soon to an America near you!

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Brought to you by the jew!

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