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And require the rescuer to transport it back to Africa.
5,500 doesn't begin to cover the destruction caused by a single nog.

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I think the idea is that they'll refuse to pay, then he'll impound their vessel for unpaid fines.

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Then auction it off to the highest bidder, rinse repeat. Once this becomes a regular thing the torrent of invaders will become a trickle, then a few drops, then stop entirely - until they figure out some new way to infect Europe. I truly hope this is enacted.

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Then deny them entry back into the country!

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Exactly this fraud is just another Zog getting rich off of ripping off the Italian people like Trumpstein does in America

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Why so? From a distance out of everyone there he seems pretty legit. Telling those who issue him warrants, "subpoenas" or whatever to essentially kiss his ass for closing his ports.

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Save? They are bringing alien hordes into their own country to leech off its welfare system and to commit crimes against real Italians. They should be in prison.

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Or fed to sharks.

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We're going to have a long list of new saints when this is all done and dusted. Saint Matteo! Praise!

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The absolute madlad.

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Use archive.is

The more hits the communist independent site gets the more money they make.

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Isn't it about ads? I think most people here already use ublock origin

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According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), some 17,000 refugees have reached Europe via the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of 2019, compared with some 32,000 during the same period last year.

I hope the 15000 differential drowned.

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No, the rate is accelerating; we're not even halfway through 2019 yet.

edit: I'm wrong but apparently markdown doesn't do the "strike through" thing so I dunno how to cross this out

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"same period"

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try the <s> and </s> tags

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Need this guy, fucking idiots bringing dangerous animals in

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Do you also get $5,500 for sending one back?

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No it just goes to the Zog Italian bankers

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