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They made a whole documentary about how they caught these sick faggots: https://youtu.be/uEi5zYNSRuQ

Seriously, how many kids have to be raped and abused before we start doing something about these fags?

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I skipped thru it long enough to hear the asian got 30 years and white guy 40 years. Also the psychologist (at the 40min and a few sec mark) says the asian, who fucked his adopted son at 2 years old, is not a pedo. And the defense attorney said the asian was the victim because he was attracted to a 50 year old man when he was a teen. Seriously, the stage was set for clown world before we knew it.

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Should have killed them both on the spot.

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This poor child will never forget the torture he went through. I hope he can recover, but still he'll never be completely "normal" after an experience like thay in early childhood.

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Jesus Christ.

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Faggots must die. 1488

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Thats just the level for the plebeians. When you get into the higher level shit....

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this is going to get worse because we live a jewish occupied world. they will do their best to push the legalization of this type of degeneracy. talmudic jewish control of our infrastructure is the crux of the larger problem.

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i got 5 seconds into that before i heard some faggot voice and saw a little boy topless. i'm not watching any more than that i cant fucking stomach it. the kid tooks too much like my own son. If there is one thing i cant stomach its this.

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Here are the full articles:


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Archive of a broadcast audio interview with the two pedos.

Gorman's fake apology.

Some background for those who don't want to go through the details. Ginger Gorman was an LGBXYZ agenda pusher working for the Australian taxpayer funded broadcaster (the ABC). She selected this couple as being the best prospect for a story after sorting through "dozens" of possibilities (makes you wonder how bad the ones she passed over were). She ran the pro-homo story, which was featured prominently on the ABC.

The two pedos were not just molesting the adopted boy themselves, but were prostituting him out to the Boy Lover's Network. Once these details became publicly known through a court case, the ABC scrubbed all the original material from their website. Gorman went quiet, but later felt she neeed to give a "I did nothing wrong, how was I to know" fake apology.

If she had been a better journalist, and not just pushing her agenda at any cost while turning a blind eye to any sign that might impede her chosen story, that boy could have been saved several years of unimaginable abuse.

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“Dear boy 1, I am the real victim here” hahaha fucking women. AWALT.

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Thanks for linking these. It's really important to be aware of stuff like this. This could be a major redpill for people, it's a shame it wasn't more publicized before.

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Those vermin should be executed.

[–] Schreiber ago 

Their balls should be chopped off and they should be forced to eat their own balls.

Then flay them in public square.

[–] the_magic_man ago 

They were jailed for 40 years, hopefully that is extended near the end of the sentence

[–] NiggerVirus 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

I do.

[–] Overdriver ago 

You'd win top points if you did, but lose serious points if just boasting.

[–] green_man 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Such was the extent of the abuse, the boy, who will be called Adam for legal reasons, grew up believing the abuse and exploitation was a natural part of his daily life.

NO. NO god damn it. Hang these degenerate faggots publicly and allow people to pelt them whatever they see fit.

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No. Burn them.

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Ginger Gorman! Are we supposed to believe that she knew nothing about what was really going on?! BS! These evil, vile, disgusting, demons have to be stopped and the "news media" that promote their filth!

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every. single. fucking. damn. time.

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That's an Irish name

[–] DIY-Guy 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

jewwood / pedowood / dino media and obviously the news media like you said.

LGBTQp (pedophlia within) if not supported by some alone to say the least in those groups / realms.

It gets worse year by year with LGBTQp (pedophilia within) spreading more and more.

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This is infuriating! I do not understand how some people can do such things to children.

[–] Schreiber ago  (edited ago)

Faggots are sexual degenerates and can never be trusted.

People need to realize how fags reproduce, and how they will propagate their faggotry to unsuspecting child, ALWAYS.

It's a disease.

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Serious truth in these headlines:

Some folks claim to be ‘born’ homosexual, others are ‘made’ homosexual. Whether or not you believe the former, this article is an archetypical example of the latter.

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Interesting they would prop the child with " baby chickens" . I hope that child has a better and safer life now with a safe family.

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