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So MasterCard is considering banning "right-wing hate groups" but are handing out anonymous pre-paid cards to fucking ISIS. Good to know where their allegiances are.

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Actually, to non-whites. ISIS is an American-Israeli invention.

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Visit Dearborn, Columbus, or Minneapolis and then say that isis is a figment of imagination or an invented ideology. I’m sure Rep Ilhan Omar, Louis Farrakhan And Linda Sarsour agree with you.

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Are we actually surprised?

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At this point I am fully expecting MasterCard and Gillette ads on the next ISIS recruitment video.

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Meanwhile I cant get pre paid credit cards anymore because that supposedly means I try to launder money.

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Welcome to the clown world; where browns get massive advantages, consistently fuck everything up and YOU are forced to pick up the pieces!! Honk Honk!!!!

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So no visa. Haha

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How about we ban companies like that from funding this kind of shit