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Underestimate at your own peril.

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They've made quite an improvement. Last year their spokespeople were a bunch of high schoolers and a pornstar.

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They haven't been through the countless fear mongering campaigns that some of us older ones have witnessed fizzle into nothing.

You are thinking in the past. This is the information age. People have been barraged with fake news, and the fake news is associated with click bait ads. This is also a generation of young voters who have been raised in the war on terror. They associate muslims with airport security. This is not a world the democrats want, yet it is one they helped make.

the reason why they have no issues, is because they are disconnected. They do not have a primary system that the republicans have. When the establishment candidates lost the primaries to trump, that was a wake up call. The democrats, have super delegates and caucuses. They do not get the public feed back that the republicans have.

No, the only hope that the democrats have are old people, trash, and the dead voting.

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It's the result of Trump Winning Trauma.

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They’re appealing to their base.

Reparations: niggers love the gibs.

Prisoners voting: 76% of felons are niggers or spics and those groups vote over 90% democrat. It gives them millions of new potential voters.

CO2 emissions: the millennial generation has been brainwashed into this bullshit socialist wealth redistribution scheme. They haven’t been alive long enough to remember that at the first Earth day these same scientists were preaching about how the planet was undergoing global cooling and that by now we’d be in a new ice age. Or how back in the 70s they said we’d run out of oil by 2020.

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Doesn't matter who wins tbh. Neither does what they say, and both are kike-controlled.

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The Democratic Party has nothing except "Steal from whitey."

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Answer the following questions to see who you should vote for in the 2020

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For your middle point, consider the average intelligence level of the prison population. A group of people with higher than average gullibility and lower than average intelligence makes for a large voting block. You can guarantee that if they are given the right to vote, CNN will be granted a contract that requires they be played in every prison.

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Additionally, even the dumbest of inmates will know that the left is soft on crime and it’s in their interest to vote in the people that will do as little as possible to disrupt their lifestyle and maximize their time on the street.

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