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Mudslime, Jew and Christian are all... without exception... The same religion... A sand nigger religion made by sand niggers for sand niggers. That is all.


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Jews refused the Messiah. Christians accepted the Messiah. Muslims try to deny the messiah.

Jews were deceived with, and by power. Give them everything, except heaven, and when the messiah comes, they don’t accept him because he says the meek shall inherit the earth. They already had the power, the only thing they didn’t have was a king. And Jesus didn’t give them what they wanted. So now, jews are attempting to use that power to bring about their own king, and the 1 world order they expected from Jesus.

Muslims are told a lie also. They are told that the coming leader will be the Messiah, and will create a 1 world government, a caliphate that owns the world. But even in Islam, these are just earthly promises. Allah does not guarantee Heaven. That’s why so many kill themselves to kill Christians—this being the ultimate display of faith to Allah. But there’s no gaurantee.

Jesus told us the only way into heaven is through him. The prophesies in the Old Testament all point to him. The correct understanding of the messiah the Jews are looking for is in Isiah 53. Read that chapter, and it’s like Isiah is shaking his head, like, “How did we miss it! Oh my God, we missed it!”

Get it right, sinner.

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Wait a minute... Aren't you guys not supposed to be all judgemental and arrogant? Just sayin'... I don't like Islam or Jews. I like Christians but the CHURCH is a nightmare in so many ways. Especially now that all this pedo and financial shit is coming out. IDK. Something is off. Im not a smart man but I got me some good instincts. If there is a god and he is good then I can live right and try to deal fairly and truthfully with those around me and it only seems reasonable that I will not be punished especially when I see the terrible things the 'leaders' are doing.

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Jews are Baal worshippers, dude. They're not even the original Jews. They just stole that identity, same way they pretend to be whites now. That's why Jesus had to come along and create a new covenant. God's "Chosen People" were wiped out and replaced by Old Timey Satanists.


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Don´t worry bud. jews control atheism as well.