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"I'm fed up with calls for proof"

Because emotions are more important than facts, right?

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It is almost impossible that this wasn’t planned. There were several safety measures the builders were forced to adhere to to prevent something like this from happening- including repetitive fire suppression systems, 2 people on duty at all times to monitor the site, proper extinguishers, BRAND NEW WIRING through the cathedral, and electronic fire detection system, etc.. this was a government sponsored restoration of an extremely important building. Can you imagine the regulations, oversite, and inspections the contractor had to accommodate! And why did it take 2 hours for the firefighters to even arrive on scene. That is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE unless it was orchestrated. the traffic there is no worse than Manhattan at the 9:00 rush hour, and it sure as hell didn’t take the firefighters 2 hours to reach the trade center.

Why would Macron allow any evidence out into the public that would lead to uncovering that along with other EU leaders, this was a planned arson. Macron needs to unite the immigrants and leftists to quash the popular yellow vest uprising of actual French citizens. How better to unite the Muslims and leftists than to destroy a Catholic iconic cathedral and replace it with an Islamic-friendly shrine to leftist causes like gender fluidity, lgbtqwerty2lkmfhebishrnf inclusivity, socialism, and the environment. To Macron and the EU globalists, the cathedral was discriminatory and exclusive to white Christians and therefore not compatible with the European socialist union vision set out by Merkel, Macron, And Soros. It needed to be replaced and it needed to be used as a tool to defeat nationalism. Don’t be shocked if the yellow vests continue to grow and other major iconic Christian symbols are suspiciously destroyed- along with the hundreds of churches that have been burned.

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shouldnt run off emotion like the left tends to do then ignore that you were wrong.

youre also not wrong that the government will hide info. theres stuff I talk about thats pre 2002, thats just not available or scrubbed from online. this happened last night with a type of movie that I distinctly recall watching. ended up spending a few hours watching clips and looking for them.

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"I'm not a witch" is exactly what we would expect a witch to say, so you must be one!

It's fine to have a hunch but you're crossing the boundaries of healthy skepticism

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No, because it's tough to trust people who declare something isn't arson before the investigation has begun.

Also, when vastly outnumbered by violent foes, the cost of dealing with individuals vs a collective means you go extinct. Couple this with the absurdly high number of individuals in this group who support violence and this is a no brainer for all but the most soy of boys.

But you keep taking the 'high road' because it's more important to virtue signal than to deal with reality like hundreds of people being slaughtered on Easter Sunday.

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No, because the Jews, Muslim, and globalist leaders have already shown their intentions. This was scheduled to happen, whether early or right on time.

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They're not facts if they're lies.