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It's like 9/11. The official investigation was a joke.


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"I'm fed up with calls for proof"

Because emotions are more important than facts, right?

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No, because it's tough to trust people who declare something isn't arson before the investigation has begun.

Also, when vastly outnumbered by violent foes, the cost of dealing with individuals vs a collective means you go extinct. Couple this with the absurdly high number of individuals in this group who support violence and this is a no brainer for all but the most soy of boys.

But you keep taking the 'high road' because it's more important to virtue signal than to deal with reality like hundreds of people being slaughtered on Easter Sunday.


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No, because the Jews, Muslim, and globalist leaders have already shown their intentions. This was scheduled to happen, whether early or right on time.


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They're not facts if they're lies.