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Pre-planned arson

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It's like 9/11. The official investigation was a joke.

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"I'm fed up with calls for proof"

Because emotions are more important than facts, right?

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The motherfucker who wrote the article literally refers back to the Jacobins, and that perhaps we need to approach the church in their tradition.

Ya know, the one that culminated in The Terror and dragging politicians out of the Bastille to dismember or disembowel them in the streets. You know, the "radiant city" of the enlightenment.

I really can't believe he fucking cited revolutionary Jacobins.

They are not even trying to keep it hidden anymore, guys. That reference is proof. They are admitting it. They will use circuitous language and pedantic points to hide the fact that this isn't about reason at all, it's an all out war on Christianity and everything to do with it's tradition: political, moral, institutional.

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I've always been fascinated by the Thermidorean Reaction. Everyone is getting their head chopped off by Robespierre, but no one made him dictator, so a group of people decide "Why don't we behead HIM!"

And of course it is only at this point that the history books decide "Geez, they really went overboard with this 'beheading everyone' thing"

Kinda like, "OOPS, that wasn't supposed to happen, that people were made numb to violence and bloodlust"

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revolutionaries are generally socalist/jewish/masonic

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"Progressives" Commie pieces of shit that they are want to be killed. They're the ones that groove on terror attacks against us when they hoist up their facebook flags and tell us how how compassionate they are while they look forward to the next terror attack to prove how compassionate they are.

Why wouldn't they just love to be the ultimate object of all that attention? They know they're the useless assholes with no real purpose or meaning to life except spending money on shitty objects.

When it starts, and it will, teh universal question will be "Why didn't we do this earlier? We would have saved so many and so much"

Just remember, it's the oligarch one percent first and foremost. From the top down. Your hag bitch domineering feminist socialist coworker is a nothing.

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It was actually a really good article, except that it came to the exact wrong conclusion. It's like the exact antithesis of all of my values.

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If it becomes a Mosque someone should burn it down properly.

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I absolutely will burn it down if it becomes anything but a church.

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It's going to take a wrecking ball. The lower portions are made of stone.

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commie jew fag.


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Isn't the property owned by the Catholic Church? Something tells me, as cucked as Francis seems, he's not going to allow it to become a mosque.

Edit: I guess it's owned by France now. Uh oh, spaghettio!

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It's owned by France.

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I think post-French revolution the government took ownership of the churches:

"On 2 November 1789, France’s new National Assembly, known as the Constituent Assembly, passed a decree that placed all Church property ‘at the disposition of the nation’. Talleyrand, the bishop of Autun and one of the few clerics to support the measure, argued that all Church property rightfully belonged to the nation "

I would further assume at some date they gave most of them back, but obviously not the prominent ones like Notre Dame.

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Read somewhere, it is owned by the state. So by the jews, essentially.

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As much as I dislike and distrust Francis, I think this is true. I think some goats don't want it to be, though.

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The Pope is a fag. I could see him turning it into some World Church for all religions, though probably not an outright mosque.

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It's hard to keep ignoring the suspicion of arson if they're going to keep acting so damn suspicious afterwards too with all this talk of changing the nature, tone, meaning, message, etc. of the building. It's like someone wanted a huge icon as a distraction for other shady stuff they're doing or it happened to be the victim this time for its propaganda wave. They'll see how far they can push these ideas in the public to test the water and then pull back to just where people will put up with it and no more and then push it a little more next time and so on.

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In my fantasy, it was arson set by Viking raiders driving out (((Crypto-Jew Christians))) and taking back Europe for whites and the white-gods.

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Istanbul, not Constantinople

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The Catholic Church should just pay for it and tell everyone else to fuck off with their ideas.

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Or just take all of their donations and tell them to fuck off with their ideas.

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True for personal donations. They would have to refuse any government money to make sure that they can easily tell them to fuck off.

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Where are the French Christians? All of this is happening because Western Europe abandoned God.

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Where are the French Christians?

Right here. Had to lay low since 1789 though... our masonic government despises us. Don't worry, our time will come.

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