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Same investigation as 9/11.

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Hours after 9/11 the media were already blaming Osama Bin Laden and had the hijackers pictures up. It is strange how they know exactly what happened 2 or 3 hours after the event.

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I always got a kick out of the investigation of the plane explosion over Lockerbie or Florida Everglades. Planes were completely re assembled and EVERYTHING was evaluated, critiqued, tested ect took years. Now days, still burning and have a reason or explanation. Such bullshit

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Ehud Barak, ex-kike state PM was on BBC blaming the muslims and calling for an invasion before the fucking towers even came down.


look at this disgusting jew

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Bin Laden said he did it. Let's not act like he's some poor scapegoat

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Really? I didn’t know this...

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Do they have a massive law that they will present and pass in a hot-minute now... The church burned... We need to take guns away from white men... That is usually how it goes. THe church burned down. We need to build MOSQUES instead since they are not flammable unlike these awful christian churches that go up like roman candles and the passing of a haji!

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Fuck dirty KIKES.

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The Telegraph: Gas tanks and Arabic documents found in unmarked car by Paris' Notre Dame cathedral spark terror fears

"We think that this person was conducting a test," one police source told Reuters. "The fact that there was no detonating device linked to the gas tanks and that the warning lights were left on are as if they were trying to attract attention."

...Jews have paid/provoked Arabs into committing terrorist attacks on the West before

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I'm just waiting for the 'token' synagogue fire to be reported on French news this week, blamed on white nationalist.

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Except that 9/11 WAS BLAMED ON MUSLIMS.

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Just because something is blamed on Muslims doesn't mean they did it. If something is blamed on Muslims (like 9/11) then that is because you are intended to blame Muslims for it for whatever political agenda.

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we will never hear the truth. and anyone asking honest questions will be labeled a racist...

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First day of Easter week and one of the most famous cathedrals burns down in a nation with many precedents set by invading barbarians burning down churches, and (((they))) think we're just going to believe those inbred savages had nothing to do with it?

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How can they rule out arson if they don't even know the cause? Arsonists can easily make the attack look like an accident. It is impossible to rule out unless they know for a fact that it was an accident.

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This. If it was an electrical fire, someone could have tampered with the circuit breaker. Even if they can rule out someone walking in with gasoline and a lighter (and I'm not sure they can), that doesn't mean the fire was not started intentionally.

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If 80 IQ immigrants did it, they are not going to be able to "make it look like an accident".

Now, on the other hand, if trained agents did it.....

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Look for whoever is declared a 'filthy racist' for 'spreading lies' about the fire. He's probably got the real story.

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...and even if we heard the truth, I'm sure a lot of people would simply never believe it anyways if it didn't line up with their preconceived notions. I wouldn't doubt it was arson, but I also wouldn't doubt it was some careless construction worker who accidentally threw a cigarette into a pile of rags.

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Rest assured it was Muslims. It’s too many coincidences.

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Consider the fire could have been started by energy weapons like 9/11 or the California fires. I don't know this for sure, but it is a consideration.

I do know the jews are hell bent on destroying anything white European.

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If any of you have played age of empires, you can get attacked by an ally when they set you to an enemy and that doesn't automatically set them to your enemy. So your army just sits their and takes it until you make them an enemy in the diplomacy tab. Thats kind of the current state of affairs in real life.

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Accept our player is a Jew who likes to see our destruction. They think its funny.

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yes this x 100

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Also strange how long it took firefighters to reach there.

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Over 2 hours before they started attempting to get water on the roof structure.

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One possible reason is that the fire started at 5:30, the beginning peak of rush hour. 2 hours is still far too long to get there even with traffic jams, assuming the worst, but that's another thing to make you scratch your head. Convenient timing.

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It's on an island surrounded by water. Should have fire pumps that can put 5000 gal a min on that kind of structure that close to a river.

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they'll probably blame it on the yellow vests

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Probably had a drill nearby, keeping them off the grid/confused. Seems to be the pattern whenever there's a happening.

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Any Israeli art students touring the place today?

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BBC Mockingbird shitbag already called it 'an unfortunate spark'.

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Wow, very unfortunately. Somehow survived 800 years of candles, but a spark? oh vey!

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I'm sure they will feel the same way when their offices and homes are burned down soon as well.

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If that's a spark, Europe is a powder keg. The Jews must be salivating all over this.

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Still on fire and they KNOW that it was not Arson... Which is proof positive it was arson.

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People love to talk about Occam’s Razor but rarely do they apply it.

The explanation that is most elegant, makes the fewest assumptions, and takes into account all available evidence so far is:

Due to the fact that

still no conclusive answers released by police about Las Vegas


arson ruled out mere hours after it happened

is that both events were inside jobs or false flags of some kind.

You’re right, only an intellectually honest person doesn’t question what is on television. The burden of proof is on those fuckers.

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only an intellectually honest person doesn’t question what is on television

Is that really what you meant to say?

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No, I meant to non-sarcastically say the opposite. Didn’t even notice that

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