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A jewish website deletes anything that goes against the jewish narrative? Gee.

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Why are no commenters using logic or reason? Look at the date of his post. Then look at the date of the wikipedia reprimand. Come on people, instant outrage is a tactic of the left. What is happening to voat? Too many reddit plebs, shills and trolls on the board.

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Hey, thanks for pointing that out. Even I actually made the mistake of not checking the date for my reprimand. I remember now that the reprimand was actually from when I kept adding AOC to a list of notable demagogues. I appreciate how this post now exists as a reminder for goats on here to stay on their toes and exercise constant vigilance. Cheers.

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Keep in mind that anyone can post template messages to your talk page. You, me, any editor/user. It has no implicit authority behind it. Essentially, it’s just someone’s opinion of your words. Ex: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Uw-subtle3

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How could the AP have ruled out arson? There is still smoke coming out of the building.

Definitely legit reporting guys.

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It's JUST AN ACCIDENT, we don't even know what happened yet! - they said in the same breath

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Dude we love science logic and reason we're the left. We have a theory as to what happened. What? You say you have evidence that contradicts our theory? It's a bad source it's worthless :^)

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use infogalactic

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Calm down goyim, this was a simple (((accident))).

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"President Macron may be toast even if this was a genuine accident."

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