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Why do you so desperately want it to be Muslims?

Lemme guess, they'll have ties to Syria or Iran, right? So we can invade? Why not make it a Venezuelan born Iranian who helped Assad? 3 birds with one stone!

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Why do you believe current year renovations were the cause?

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Because the fire started in the spire, and it's REALLY hard for civilians to get to the spire, especially when carrying the amount of accelerant needed to catch it on fire AND do it so surreptitiously that none of the workers notice what's going on until it's too late.

Occam's Razor and all that, considering the most obvious perpetrator, who tends to use simple devices and big badda booms when they do shit.

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Of course Muslims burned it down. The people ultimately responsible are Jews.

Hundreds of synagogues and mosques should be burned tonight.

As for the complicit MSM, they deserve to be Oklahoma City-style truck bombed into nothing.