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A shemuzzie was convicted of this on Friday!

Though It was also very convenient for Macron, as it got him out of his national debate final address

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Not to mention the priest who got murdered while celebrating Mass a couple years ago.

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Exactly. Some priest had his throat slit during Mass services ... at the main altar, correct?

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Fucking kikes will blame this on anything in the world besides moslems.

But we know. We know who did this.


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Sounds like 9/11 and the infamous 5 Dancing Israelis?

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Old churches were built on top of pagan holy sites. Rebuild the temples to the old gods and we will reach maximum power.

The first sally of the middle eastern invaders was the building of those churches on top of our european heritage.

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babes... caucasian cultural gods cannot be pagan... though a fake god created by dirty-gypsy-jews named jesus is definitely pagan!!!

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mass genocide the world over

all culture destroyed

children being raped to death by the millions

White race silent.

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  • Utoya Island Kike Youth Camp wut?
  • New Zealand Mosque wut?

Poland, Hungary, Slovokia, Austria, and Italy kunt punting mudslimes, and niggers with Right Wing Elections?

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communist slaughtering white children

jewish false flag

What about them? Call me when whites actually fight back.