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Disgusting maniacal vile demons!!! - Unfortunately I live in SoCal & near many extremely large mosques & these SOBs are everywhere. - Last Easter I was in a 711 at the check stand & this Muslim woman saw my cross pendant with the holy spirit etched into it & asked me if I went to church & if I "took communion". I just stared at her so she asked me 3 more times even though I wasnt answering her. My husband was with me & said "not really any of your business is it?" - But she kept asking over and over and over even as we were walking out the doors. Its infuriating!

  • Every time I have to drive by one, I turn up my Christian music as loud as itll go & roll all my windows down & drive as slowly as I can to piss off as many as possible.

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I don't read sand nigger. What does it say?

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Look at the emoticons they are using to react with. That's all you need.

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I hear ya.

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Pretty sure Kikes are smiling as well?

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I downloaded a video before it was removed from Youtube - where can I host?

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The entire world should react like that.

People suddenly defending the most wicked organization to ever exist on earth.

The harlot gets her due and people mourn?