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Big O sent them anywhere he wanted, in every state, every city, large and small............all part of the plan. Bush did it too, Clinton, HW Bush, Reagan and all the way back.......I suggest they send every single illegal to Haiti. Create a penal colony with the Coasties riding herd

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Or you could pull the bus around and drop them back into mexico. There are ten embassies in Mexico that they can start their process. 1/3 of el Salvador resides here (source not provided). Why the fuck give these countries aid to destroy our system from within?

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One of the laws some liberal judge will pull out of his ass.

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Some sort of EPA thing where you can't dump toxic waste and trash out of state???

But seriously, no law as far as I can see or have seen.

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Then do try that defense only after you have shot/stabbed/strangled or in whatever way killed an illegal. Claim it was self defense in protection of your country and your country will crucify you for murder. If you really believe it is not murder to go kill a "trespasser" then by all means do so and rid us of your stupidity.

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What law is broken by killing illegals? They are here illegally. No rights.

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It is called murder actually so assuming you are not a serious responder here; meaning killing an illegal would be the killing of one human being by another. Homicide is a general term and may refer to a noncriminal act as well as the criminal act of murder. Some homicides are considered justifiable, such as the killing of a person to prevent the commission of a serious felony or to aid a representative of the law. Other homicides are said to be excusable, as when a person kills in self-defense. A criminal homicide is one that is not regarded by the applicable criminal code as justifiable or excusable. Simply killing an illegal by virtue they are here to USA is called MURDER unless you do the killing to prevent "a serious crime".

How about you get serious with replies here. "Illegals" are to be expelled and shunned and given no rights yes but that does not mean they are to be murdered. Unless they are in commission of a serious crime then killed yes. But not murdered. For then you an American Citizen are no better than a scum murderer. "Illegal" far as I know does not merit the death penalty by posse or an individual decision.

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These laws do not apply to trespassers.

All trespassers are to be fired upon, it is encouraged for civilians to fire upon trespassers, as they generally cause crime and stress the system even more. This is intolerable.

No crimes.

No fault.

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Obama did it.

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Procedural ordinances would stipulate what is to be done with prisoners. They are criminals and releasing them to continue their crimes would be unlawful. Our laws specify that these illegals are to be transported back to their original countries for release. It's like when you repo a car. you can't just take it wherever you want. It has to go back to the dealer lot by the shortest route, or it's just auto theft.

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