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and it's posts like this that make me love Voat because I don't feel like I'm crazy.

my coworkers all asked me what was going on, I said it was probably burned on purpose, and all I heard was, "THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE"

fucking normies man.

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This video ought to be a massive red pill

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Part of the big demoralization problem of Weimar Republic is that the people were disconnected from each other. They all had what they believed to be socially unacceptable thoughts, but they kept those to themselves, so they never had any idea how many people actually agreed with them. They were depressed and discouraged because they felt like some of the few sane people in an ethically upside down world.

You can rest assured that there are many, many, many people whose immediate thought about this was foul play by a bad actor. Especially with the yellow vests currently going on in France, you can bet there's a massive surge in anti-Islam sentiment in the back of everyone's minds, even if they don't want to give voice to that suspicion. The media will spin this exactly the way we'd expect them to spin it, but that will not stop people's suspicions.

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Can confirm, lived in France for almost 10 years, the French have a very strong distaste already for the Arab community (North African territories). They're the cause for a lot of violent crime and everyday harassment in big cities, and start fights over literally nothing at all. The French people are very much awakened to what resides inside their nation.

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https://voat.co/v/whatever/3161114 This is the true nature of OP

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Once I had a guy tell me that the Holocaust definitely happened because he did a report on it in high school.

Fucking normies.

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Muh anne frank.

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If you're watching FOX during the day or the weekend you might as well watch CNN

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You got that right, I wish that the successful conservatives would ban together and start a real conservative network. Between Limbaugh, Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Levin, Dobbs and others they have the business connections, the capital and the talent to make it work,' Think about it, If Fox lost Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham and Dobbs alone they would be quickly be racing to join CNN at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ratings.

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Levin already did, ya dingus. LevinTV became CRTV, then merged with The Blaze.

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He's just your run of the mill progressive, radical homosexual.

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fucking faggot piece of shit

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Jew producers yelled SHUT IT DOWN in his ear. Shep is just a droid taking orders.

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and dicks in the ass

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"Even the Nazis didn't dare to destroy it."


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virtuous christian nazis. lulz.

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Sheppard Smith takes it in the ass. What else do you need to know?

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With or Without lube?

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IDK, you'll have to fuck him to find out.

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Not surprising. Except for maybe Tucker Carlson Fox News has been creeping left since Roger Ailes was pushed under the bus.

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