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Time to burn down all the mosques and especially synagogues.

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Remember this lesson. Fire can be a more destructive and useful tool than any amount of bullets. And whoever started the fire is likely to get away with it completely.

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Rendered pig fat, gasoline and benzene.

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Benzene gives green smoke, which can be seen at the beginning of the fire at Notre Dame.

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I wonder why OP has so many muzzies on his Facebook.... https://i.imgtc.com/QWNG6f8.png

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He probably adds them for 'numbers/feel important'. Bet those accounts are just keeping an eye on him. Would happen to me and knew it was some glow in the dark watching, but I didn't care. Deleted that stuff long ago. Would type a lot of shit, but call obama a nigger and get a ban/mute.

This is just my theory. Not defending this guy. Pretty sure he's a niggerfaggotkike.

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If this is true, then this is going to be the beginning of the French Nation's "Day Of The Rope".

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Everyone knows why but the Jews in power will do anything to keep it from being stated publicly.

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I find it interesting OP befriends them so

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They're now saying it was the renovation company that may have done this by accident...but, notice the " 6 million" ?

Time to look into the renovation company for Jew ties.

" The peak of the church is undergoing a 6 million-euro ($6.8 million) renovation project"


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I'm sure that the spire renovation "oopsie" story is true. Considering the fire is still burning - it's a no brainer that they already "know" what caused it.

Amazing how they manage the deed, the people and the concocted story - but can't keep the finger off the news button long enough not to give themselves away as the murderous, empty headed savages they are.

Que Dieu leur fasse du mal à tous.

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Same France that blamed Russian trolls for the organic growth of their yellow vest riots? France is full of shit.

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Time to look at you as a anti-sematic fool and a tool of the muslims

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If I wasn't of Celtic descent I would catch you guys out about being stupid I'll just state that you're stupid it's not the jews that went and hurt the church thing dang! It was not an accident! IT WAS ISLAMIC INVASION!!!

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No it won't. French people do notre care about their religion. 50 years if socialism helped a lot

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I don't care about Catholicism either but I do care about Western history and culture and this was one of the great pieces of Western architecture.

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Maybe not the religion but this is this. It’s one of those things.

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France showtime lifted up their eyes and seen what was coming long ago before they started being buddy buddy with these invaders coming in to kill and destroy and rape!

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If it burns to the ground and they decide to put a mosque there, anyone that doubts whats going on is a lost cause.

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I was thinking the same thing

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It's time for France to start with mass executions of non-whites and Muslim sand niggers. They need to storm migrant neighborhoods and burn them to the ground. Any non-whites running into the street need to be promptly run over with trucks and other cars. All mosques inside France need to be targeted and burned to the ground. France's political leaders need to be targeted for assassination.

Enough is enough.

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Someone needs to convince the Chinese that powdered, dried penis of Africans is an aphrodisiac.

Rhinos will thank them.

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The Chinese will start killing Africans in massive numbers the second they feel they can get away with it. They’ll also kill all the large fauna on the continent too though. Very sad.

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Instead of going around and killing a bunch of them which is what they would do to us why don't we just give them a bunch of entertain tubes and a can of biscuits and send them on their Mary way back south into Africa where they belong?

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Because they are sub-human and deserve death.

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There's simply too many at this point in time. They have been invading by the millions per year, for many decades now. And breeding at an exponential rate whilst being paid for it all from your taxes.

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It's too late for that.

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Beginning of Holy Week, the most important week of the year. Makes me suspicious.

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Baal worship for them. Honoring their god. One might look to moon phases or astrology also on this one.

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Don't those special dates usually involve some sort of blood sacrifice? Have there been any confirmation of deaths caused by this?

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Void of course

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Has survived multiple revolutions and civil insurrections, German bombings, even the Bubonic plague, ... unable to survive liberal immigration policies.

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Like He said, unarmed invaders are the most dangerous.

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just about to boil over. if a people stand for nothing they will fall for anything.

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We need eye witness accounts of people who were in the cathedral earlier today, ASAP.

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There’s no excuse

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Fire started in 2 différent places.... We all know what it means

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Got a source plz ? I dont find anything

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It's a spook spreading misinformation.

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Source! or GTFO.

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Any dancing Israelis spotted yet?

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Yes. That all the skeletons needed to be disposed of and that yes, all history can be erased.

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