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Why is this mayor butt guy getting such traction? I'd never heard of him before and suddenly he's all over.

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the media drool over gays

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Why is this mayor butt guy getting such traction?

He's being pushed, the same way Obama was pushed.

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Because he formally announced that he is running yesterday.

Give it a week. He'll disappear into obscurity again.

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Lot's of Chicago money floating around his town.

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Joe grabbing on Pocahontas was a nice touch, Ben.

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Conveniently omitted: some schmuck wearing a MAGA hat waving an Israel flag saying "I'm a patriot! Israel first"

Otherwise this is brilliant. Democrats can only feign empathy for their voters for so long before their ugly underbelly eventually gets exposed.

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The left is basically a coalition of the top 5% and the bottom 50% made to fuck over the 45% in the middle.

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I think the left is more like a coalition of the top 5% exploiting and manipulating the bottom 50% while promising to take their side in order to secure enough votes to defeat the 45% in the middle who actually pay for everything, and thus they get the money by securing the votes from the poor with empty promises and get rich by exploiting the money-makers and laugh all the way to the bank. They get away with it because they've deliberately tried to make the 50% and 45% believe the other is the enemy so most people will be too distracted to really look up and see what is TRULY happening. We are all being played by 5% of liberal elites at the very top who benefit the most from how things are now, have deliberately made things that way in fact, have no intention of ever changing it and are more than happy to piss on the rest of us while they count their money.

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This upcoming primary season for the Dems is gonna be a fucking clown show. They're all gonna try to out left each other. Most recently is Corey Booker supporting reparations.

People who never owned slaves paying people who never were slaves. It'll give you a headache.

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Ben is winning the meme war!

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Abortion is good it equates to more dead niggers. That’s how shitty niggers are. The only way to erase the negative is to completely erase them

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Actually they don't tend to abort; they usually have 4-5, starting at a young age, with different "baby daddies" and then you and I work extra hours to finance them so they can sit home and watch soap operas or take drugs while the kids run wild in the streets.

Now white liberal women are the biggest users and supporters of abortion, and if Dummocrats want to kill their own offspring to avoid raising more of the same, I'm all in favor! In fact, I'll go one further: I'd happily support my tax dollars going to free sterilization for any liberal that wants it.

Let them Darwin themselves right out of existence. It would be one of the most beautiful examples of poetic justice that ever existed.

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http://www.nbcnews.com/id/22689931/ns/health-womens_health/t/whos-getting-abortions-not-who-youd-think/ It’s mostly niggers you should watch freakonomics that’s what made me pro abortion. I wouldn’t argue liberals are he biggest supporters. Liberals are insane

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Glad he included Mayor Buttboy

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