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Coincidentally, I do see the ~250,000 deaths that the Red Cross reported

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bingo. And that was mostly from starvation after the Allied bombing.

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i just saw a video, when a holocaust survivor was asked about food and he said that food was ok because the germans didn't have it themselves.

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The term is not anti semite.

You hate enemy combatants.

Jews are fighting a gurrilla war... there was some saying the revolution will be televised no! Jew controlled tellivision is the revolution and we are losing

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I think it is being televised, you're just thinking it would have looked differently.

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Who/what is the biggest scammer in the world's history? Answer: Satan What/Peoples are the biggest scammers in the world's history? Answer: The joos. Synagogue of Satan, Seed of Satan

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Always a good one to email to normies.

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The Axioms are all wrong oy vey

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The truth will be counter-Semitic

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Now we have a target number to get to....zero.

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Never forget the six gorillion...

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