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No fucking duh. It's amazing that most people do not realize that Israel is not our friend.

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Not our friend, our Greatest Ally™

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Nobody is. Russia isn't either, but I wish people would stop focusing on them.

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and this is why assange is being "hunted" for telling the truth... dirty-yiddish-gypsy-"jews" got boatloads of ratshits too hide...!!!

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Listen to this song and don't think of rats running around a city.


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Fake news posted by Muslim shills 1.5 years ago


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This guy signing his own death warrant...

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He has sacrificed himself in an attempt to bring some truth and Justice into the world.

A most Noble death indeed.

Godspeed Julian.

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(((They))) will create 100 more Assanges if they suicide him.

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He's pretty much dead, anyway. His life has been ruined, and now (((they're))) trying to re-open a known false rape allegation that was dropped, because exposing crimality isn't actually a crime.

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Amazing that they'll do this for some alleged "rape", but we can't get a convicted Jewish rapist (Roman Polanski) back to the US for his punishment.

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He is not dead. You have to understand that his passion is keeping journalism alive and he did what he had to do to toward that end.

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Yep, came here to say this. They'll find some nigger to shiv him or "hang himself" for this shit.

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Voat tells me he's already dead, replaced by a body double and cgi. Is he alive or not?

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I'd say he is alive. Killing dissidents raises red flags, deplatforming them doesn't. Especially when the controlled media and the government are essentially the same entities.

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Comments on this article worth reading for background materials, books and documentaries listed. Needs to be added to a Voat repository somewhere.

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@Srayzie take a look at this.

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I’ll make a post later and it will piss a bunch of people off again as usual 🙄

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Thanks! Gonna check it out!

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Whenever I ponder, "Is it Israel, or Rome?"--I also ask myself whether or not it's significant--where the 'Master Perps' reside, geographically." Might even be another frequency/dimension/density, so we're shadow boxing in a 'domain' that doesn't have nation states. Just rout 'em, is all I can say. Ground-penetrating tomography sure has helped the 'good guys' find [their] hidey-holes/tunnels/bunkers/caches/portals.

'Assange: the Silent Years,' will make for hair-raising reading some day, no doubt.

CERN is shut down, and the vox populi will never get the true story of what happened there (unless Julian knows? kek). And, CERN was pretty much the only Undertaking that every State on the planet agreed on for massive investment. Hmmm. If it IS Israel, it's gotta be an energetic thing, because Israel as a State doesn't have much of a history (they also just crashed their dark-side-of-the-Moon landing craft); but, the battle over that Rock, and who owns God, has been going on for awhile. Am I digressing? As the fallout continues (sorta like a Thread Reader, ;-) we may need to prepare our cognitive functioning for an influx of what 'appears' as Major Woo-woo. [Eg., remember pics of the Pope's overwhelmingly Reptilian/sacrificial Audience building at the Vatican?) Physical snowflakes have certain issues....Etheric snowflakes have others. Imho, Assange is a Warrior in all domains. Peace.

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The Vatican and Zionists have been working together for millennia (even before Zionism got an official name). When one takes the heat, the other takes lead, once people actually start doing something about the Jews, I expect the Vatican to continue it's work. The thing is they follow the same doctrine and have the same end goal, so it doesn't really matter.

Note: I am not saying Catholics are a problem, but rather the Church as an organization (spiritual successor to Rome), and the shit they do behind closed doors.

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The Vatican and the Zionists are just different tentacles stemming from the same God-hating Beast.

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i'm not sure when the catholic church become evil, or maybe it always was. the "jews" on the other hand (who are mostly eastern european/khazarian imposters who have no lineage to the original judeans that were basically exterminated in AD 70 by the romans) are straight up moloch worshipping spawns of satan. at the end of the day they are both objectively evil and have completely turned their backs on god in pursuit of power and domination of the world, which would result in a literal hell on earth for everyone who is unlucky enough to still be alive if that ever happens.

Revelation 9:6 "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."

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No shit? Who knew?

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Sure. Who else has said this to the public though that isn’t a random?

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oy vey there is no such thing as Israel collusion!!!! It was the Russians!!! Israel is bestest ally and jews are God's chosen! shaloms, hicknazi's

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I'm under the floorboards again waiting for it to blow over.

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Good instincts, my fellow jew, and shabbot shaloms. One can neva be too careful with all of these hate-filled Nazi goys running around.

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Not the place for Joofags.

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the quote seems to have been incorrectly attributed to Assange: http://www.targetfreedomusa.com/did-julian-assange-say-israel-is-the-greatest-threat-to-america/

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excellent work!

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