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Maybe if Donald Trump opposes racism then they'll be supporters of racism.

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They are already the biggest supporters if racism. Racism is in their top 3 goto talking points. Their constant claims of racism not only diminish the visibility of true racism but it creates an angry victim class which itself creates racism.

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At this point I think of racism like talking about unicorns. It's all bullshit based on the false claim that all races are the same. Niggers are universally disliked by all other races for their universally undesirable behavior such as rape, murder, and stealing.

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Yup and the over-sensitivity is defacto racism. MAGA and nationalism as it's commonly agreed upon in the USA is not race specific but culture specific, which is why the leftists are trying to conflate that with voats racism/nationalism for example, because the leftist's offering is irrelevant when many different people are working in the best interests of their country regardless of genetics.

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They went so hard for so long in one direction, they are really in a pickle now.

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Hopefully he'll catch on and try a few things.. Like what if he starts speaking against white people saying they have no culture etc. Then you might get the entire mass media to start supporting white people trying to protect their culture.

Might be worth it.. just play the villain to trick your opponents into doing what you want..

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All liberals are run by feelings and compassion, until it comes to their own house. My sister is a bleeding heart virtue signaler, but flipped her shit when they wanted to build a Mission for homeless few blocks from her enclave.

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Nothing against your sister of course, but some similar types are just about their own inner world. There is no real empathy or kind of interpersonal learning. It's hard to watch.

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We need to keep this up and embrace it. they are treating this like anything we touch becomes "infected" we can use this to turn them on EVERYTHING and trigger them to dismantle their institutions/ support

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It's truly a blessing that the Jewish community has maintained such an impressive representation % in elite Ivy League schools, the news media (& "entertainment") while on the other hand, by in large abstaining from military service! This is a highly commendable feat that we as the alt-right cherish and embrace! <3 Jews must secure a home for their children and a future for their people!!!

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Illegals are a weapon liberals and Jews use against white Christian nationalists.

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They went so hard for so long in one direction, they are really in a pickle now.

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Living in their heads rent-free, 24/7. Literally the only reason they're against putting illegals in the very cities they designated to be "safe" for said illegals, is because Trump is suggesting it.

At this point, he could probably say he supports the "Green New Deal", and they would come out of the woodwork to talk about how Trump wants to kill the coal, beef, and airline industries, and that he has to be opposed at every turn. Suddenly every Democrat would be looking to build new coal-fueled power plants all over the country.

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Trump should be pro-high taxes for the same reason.