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Perhaps they should pay a visit to the swedish polices' homes and let then know how they feel about it. Not necessarily violence, just making them aware that they are an individual with a family, property, and livelihood that probably isn't worth risking.

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The non-violent white man would never stoop so low. Oy vey only subhumans use shows of force! Rebellion against the government is only ok as long as you follow the governments rules while you do it!

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If it's not violence then what would be the point you fucking pussy? You want them to go and just politely ask them, you little bitch?

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Like I said,

just making them aware that they are an individual with a family, property, and livelihood

A threat of violence doesn't require any actual violence to produce results. Did you not read my comment? Please do next time, if you decide to respond to it.

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I'm not that old and yet I can remember apartheid, the end of it anyway.

When the South Africans were called bigots, racists and whatever else they just shrugged and called Sixpence to fetch another round of drinks. Zero fucks were given. Zero apologies were made.

It's just mind boggling now that in Sweden now it's the absolute opposite. There's a fucking diversity police. In thirty years the last racially governed state in the world has disappeared and been replaced with states that use their police as agents of compulsory racial diversity. It's outright fucking bizarre. Mass media and individualized content through smartphones and computers has brainwashed 98% of the world...and left the other 2% so afraid of repercussion they bite their tongues and watch it all turn to dust.

Accelerationism is a hell of a fucking thing. You might not be able to put it into context in the form of your own insignificant few years on this planet, but shit has rocketed out of control, and it's going faster and faster. Thirty years time where will it be?

It'll either be a complete domination by these fools or the tide will have turned, and it will have turned very very violently. It's hard to envisage, but the best hope for a better future might actually be the slaughter of tens of millions of ordinary people in a quasi-civil war based largely on race and ideology.

That's the lesser of the two evils. Shit.

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Tens of millions will not be slautered, hundreds of millions will be starved to death.

My guess is there will be a mayor natural disaster or perhaps man made disaster (how easy would it be to put a nuke in a volcano or two, detonate and watch an entire nation sink into the ocean?).

Imagine the chaos if Japan were to suddenly not exist. No proof anyone did it, it’s an act of God is what they will claim.

Now imagine they did that to Yellowstone ..., like a planet sized reset button.

I give it thirty years maximum, likely closer to twenty....., the course we are on now is a shipwreck waiting to happen and a storm is on the horizon.

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Natual weather disasters. Flooding wiping out food stock. Only the rich survive. Expected for a long time. End of sun current cycle. Blamed on man made climate change.

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“If you are involved in this group, you should know that you will be the object of the police’s focus. You should perhaps think about whether that’s something you really want.”

I would suggest to this pig that he should be very concerned about his children as he has painted a target on their heads. I wonder if that is something he really wanted.

The only good pig is a dead pig.

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Totalitarians gonna.... uhh, do their thing I guess. Not sure what would go there, or what would even rhyme with totalitarian.

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Non-violence and being "above violence" will be the death of you whitey. The Left holds no such qualms.

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First to go are always the traitors.

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Because the altruism makes them easy pickings. Remember, bullies are cowards. Also, traitors first.

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