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Wow they can muster up a ton of cops for a march yet are to scared to go into Moslem hoods. Faggots.

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This is why kikes want multi culti. Try doing that in a major city in California and see what happens. The ONLY way we're going to pull it off in ZOGmerica is if ALL gentiles ban together and speak out against jewish supremecism and privelege - and not allowing ANY kikes in our movement. period. We need to do this before they pass even more Draconian talmudic laws that we morally shouldn't even abide by.

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What good would a protest in the muslim hoods do? The point is to open the eyes of other nordics. In the meantime, you masturbated and complained that the jews was subverting your country... yet did nothing.

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I think the poster is saying cops are afraid to go to the no-go zones, but yeah it's a weirdly written comment.

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Soon to be nigger-faggots

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Everyone knows that right-wingers are actually harmless. They will say all this stuff about "Evil nazis" and shout about "Fascism!!", but actually know that right-wingers are harmless.

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Harder to control though. Give Muslims their little hood and a few exemptions and you have a controlled voting population. It’s not as easy when you have a group of people who see through your bullshit and threaten to expose your plans to the general population, they have to use propaganda that they are evil nazis so the average person just ignores what they say.

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The red anti-fascists, who had previously been a strong force in Copenhagen, had not been able to mobilize more than a handful of screaming, singing and sad-looking counter protesters who did not dare get closer than 50 meters of the marching activists

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I feel the author of that would be right at home here. In voat.

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Cool. These guys are on the right track. I read their website some time ago. Strong love of their land and race and heritage. This is the way to defend your land against the NWO.

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Some music would enhance these demonstrations. Whilst local music is written military music can be played - either by a band or from a tape recorder. UK highland regiments march at 112 paces per minute to bagpipes.

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They have this nice organization, but why do they refuse to look disciplined and awesome?

They should march with music and so on! Like here

Imagine how awesome that would look.

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Nope. Just no. You become competition to the state at that point and will be crushed via subversive active measures.

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I don't mean that they have to use the same music and wear the same uniforms. I just think that music and marching in general looks way cooler. It's a way better protest.

All the leftist protests already look like headless chickens walking around, they would look awesome in comparison.

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I thought they changed thr name to Copenstan a while ago?

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q the truck of peace

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