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This narrative was about creating a false scarcity. To literally tax you breathing and overall degrade your quality of life.

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Wait...You mean Al "Please touch my WeeWee" Gore is just a paid shill. Its almost like the whole global warming thing is a hoax or something.

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Global warming? I haven't seen much of it. Here in (western) europe it's cold (march and april). This morning - 4 °C (24.8 F)

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So, 50 years from now, when global warming pushes the Sahara southward into Africa (real), the media will lie and exaggerate it to justify the refugees coming to Europe right? For just a dollar a day you can feed your replacement.

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For a dollar a day, I can buy enough ammo to prevent my replacement.

Assuming .223/5.56 ammo, you can get upwards of 100 rounds per month.

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We all have our price. For $10 million dollars, who among us wouldn't promote global warming? That's my bottom line though. Anything less and I'll stick to my principles.