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We are living through the errors of marxism. They want everyone to not believe there is a hierarchy. What's next? Plants should be given more privileges because they can't move.

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The perfect analogy.

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Your attempt at #LOGIC approches the #HERITICAL!! IMHO!!!!

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Swing and a miss. jews.

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I wish it were only a joke but:



“So if a plant is getting constantly hit with strong wind, it will actually change shape to better resist that wind; if roots hit a rock, they’ll grow around it, so they sense things around them.”

No dipshit if wind hits a plant the wind makes the plant change shape. If the roots hit a rock physics cause the roots to grow around it. They aren't sensing anything. FUCK

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Plants do sense. Sorry to break it to you.

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Well it depends on how you define "sensing". But there is an instinctual response to avoid damaging stimuli and to grown towards water, nutrients and the sun. Plants to "feel" in the way animals do. But they do sense and adapt to their environment

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PRIMATES have "hate" Jealousy

In humans , we have jealousy similar to all studied apes. We "hate" the classroom smartypants, egg head, the know-it-all, the teacher's pet, the poindexter but the hatred is actually deep jealousy.

Just as teen girls 'hate" the pretty clique of girls. They are just jealous.

All non white races other than asians, hate whites, because they are jealous of us.

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Envy and jealousy aren’t the same thing. Learn what words mean.

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We? Ego generates envy. Some are especially long on ego and short on capability.

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don't you mean 'envy'? jealousy implies ownership. as an example, a man who want's your wife would be envious of you, but when you see him looking at your wife you yourself would be jealous - because you already posses the wife.

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White sumpremacy is not a ideology it is merely a fact of life.

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-Charles Darwin

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White people are the superior race. That's why we have no rights.

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How can you be logical and not think whites are the superior race? Oh right, leftist think whites just got lucky because of the natural resources in Europe and not our intelligence. Even though places like Africa and South America are abundant with resources.

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Europe was fucking awful in the early days of man, I never got that reference...

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Well I suppose the only area in which whites aren't superior is in the protection of themselves as a group. We do have weaknesses such as that, and we are too honest and moral.

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There are a multitude of factors that lead to the industrial revolution in Europe.

Intelligence is one of them, resources, geography, necessity among others are all factors that go into why it happened in Europe and not elsewhere.

The Chinese had the technology almost 1000 years before Europeans yet never hit an industrial revolution. They obviously had the intelligence, yet lacked the necessity to make it happen.

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My dad was born left handed but my grandma made him be right handed so he developed a stutter because of it. He didn’t know thats where that came from

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I’m left handed but I beat off with my right hand just to make things complicated. If someone I don’t know needs me to sign something or write something I’ll do it with my right hand so they think I’m a fucking retard and then I cold stare them in the eyes when I’m done serious as fuck, like I was serious as fuck about the retarded shit I just did.

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This was a common practice 50+ years ago. I had a few childhood friends that had to go through it.

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I was born left handed and became right handed by force! I am sure it had an impact in my brains developmen, you know using one side of the brain as opposed to the other, but I have no idea what that impact is.

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My dad was born left handed as well, the school made him change because being left handed was “evil”. I don’t know if this is why I’m ambidextrous or not but I can use either.

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Japanese. Nobody lusts after gooks and chinks

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Mongols, gooks, nips are pretty much the same people. Look at their absence of body odor, dry ear wax, higher incidence of "mark of the Mongols" in children.

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Nope, not creative

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Uhh... japs are.

If there is a master race im sorry it's not white it's the japs. We rank pretty high don't get me wrong.

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I can think of two that fit this bill. White European and Thai. Both have people relentlessly criticise them, yet neither even try to defend themselves, because they don't feel a need to. Both have swarms of foreigners wanting to live there. It is their polar opposition to each other that gives each superiority. Thailand is, without doubt, the most 'free' country on earth. Concealed carry of firearms, knuckle dusters, knives, mace, Cs gas etc is the norm. All laws are negotiable, including murder. Free speech is a given, with only one exception (cannot criticise the Royal family), but its a constitutional royal family, so they can't comment nor publicly defend themselves, so it's a fair law really. However, absolutely anything else goes. Every time politicians take over, their corruption is exposed, people come out on the streets, march for a bit, then start camping out and if still nothing happens, out come the guns. Then the military step in and arrest all the politicians. In Thailand I see even Americans being outraged at the freedom of the Thai's. They'll see three girls in one motorbike, all using their phones and none wearing a helmet. Drivers of cars watching movies, eating dinner etc... Yes, Thailand has the most dangerous roads in the world, but that's the price of freedom. America was the same in the 50s, but you allowed the government to ban stuff (all under the guise of public safety). You didn't see that banning drink driving will invariably lead to banning 'hate speech'. You ban one thing and you'll ban everything. Thai governments may well ban something, but the people know to ignore all laws. Thai's believe its better to live free, with all the risks that entails, than to bend your knee for anyone.

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Free is not good. I don't like a bunch of faggots walking on the street, would rather see them enslaved in concentration camp. Right-wing authoritarianism is the better form of government.

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Is it? Over the last decade Thailand's economic growth has risen over 100% and is showing no sign of slowing down. The government is ethnonationalist socialism. With emphasis on pure free market. Sounds like a contradiction but it isn't. Look at Thai policies.

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White, like me.

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Yeah. I wanna move to Japan, too.

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