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Oops, already downlooted like 4 versions. Also, damn, that femcop is gorgeous as hell!

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Unlikely. I've double-checked even places like Catbox, where I found a few versions, and they are all wiped. I haven't a clue where would be safe to upload them beyond the (((globalist's))) reach. Your best bet is to check 8ch before something happens there. When I went to one of the bigger threads to comb for webms, the site was running slow as shit, but you could still access the vids.

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Freedom of the press faggot, we can report on and reveal what we want.

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Don't watch it, goyturds!! It may catch on!! Let us jews watch it and then we will tell you how to think!!

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This just shows the level of control they have over the media even such supposed "free speech/show anything" websites.

Liveleak down, watchpeopledie on reddit banned, etc.

Still not on liveleak yet.

Internet isn't censored? please.

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Ill gladly be a part of it!

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Liveleak down. Coincidence?

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Is it illegal for anyone but CNN to watch it?!

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We were a part of this when they ran over our children with moving vans and the police did then, what they should do now. Move aside.

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