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They did that years ago. Mosques shootings are at least interesting.

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If it becomes a trend, all I hope is people don't repeat the same attack twice, spice it up each time with some creativity, perhaps even some humour.

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How about the next attack target the high ranking jews who are the real problem? And they get away too. That would be a huge morale victory,even if they only got a body double,because it shows they can't catch us.

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christchurch where have i heard that before? could be that the shooting happened years ago, and they just released it when it was a good tme to do so.

maybe they have warehouses full of terrorist stock footage, but held back, kept hidden until the next brexit betrayal.

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Yeah, let's get some dude to shoot up a mosque on the other side of the world, just so the stupid goyim talk about our Brexit betrayal tomorrow instead of today.

Real clever, you fucking moron.

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Moron you say. It's not like there is a long history of false flags, bombings and other awkward shit on the other side of the world to distract from local problems? I mean it's not like Clinton distracted from the Lewinsky situation by bombing Bosnia on the other side of the world. it's not like we got an Osama tape every time the administration really needed a distraction. No, no country would ever do offshore mischief to distract from local chicanery.

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Yep, this one was extraordinarily well timed for distractions on multiple fronts (and the guy's manifesto was as universally "intersectional" as possible).
You have to suspect the date was reserved years in advance for so many things to line up so well.

That whole "Ides of March" shit seems to reinforce the notion too.

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Yeah, it seem convenient at a time when the Demoncrats and the psycho left are working closely with tech companies against the right and increasingly trying to push for censorship. On the other hand, there is the glow in the dark coup in Venezuela which is getting more kinetic each day is not going as easily as planned and having folks distracted would give the chaps some latitude to push a little harder whilst everyone is looking the other way. The Meuller thing is going as planned, Manafort is going to jail without any link to Russian collusion, a distraction from that might save folks from having a bit of egg on their face.

And the threat to cut Germany out of Five Eyes for using Huawei 5g equipment is suddenly a lot more potent now that there is a terror attack of this scale in a five eyes member country isn't it? Germany would be cut of any intelligence about all these 'attacks'. I wouldn't be too shocked if the Huawei contract goes to US company instead.

There is a lot of awkwardness afoot. Many many birds killed by that one terror attack stone.

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