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That reply almost had me inhaling coffee

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It was truly a thing of beauty. I’m glad OP included it in the shot.

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Whites use firearms. Muzzies use suicide bombers, so that no one in their organization can be directly held accountable.

Muzzies are worthless cowards.

[–] WhitePaladin 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Not true; i.e. bataclan, charlie hebdo etc,, they have balls, saying they are cowards its delusional at best. They have no problem pulling a knife and doing the dirty work.

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They ARE cowards though. They only attacked unarmed women and children, and only do so in places where they have help from the kike governments backing them up.

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I mean our guy literally killed unarmed men, women and children.

Not exactly batting a thousand on the "brave" scale.

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Lmao, now we see the cucks coming out.

Did I like what I saw? No.

But the globalist Jewish cabal and their underlings are causing this.

This guy was not insane, he was pissed. He gave them what they wanted, so now they can ban more firearms.

And push the heel a little deeper.

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They should have been attending mosque in their home country. They shouldn't be allowed to come here and attempt to convert us.

Cultural victory is a thing in most RTSs. Why aren't we allowed to fight it?

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unarmed men, women and children.


Pick one. Muslims aren't human.

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what? this WAS a retribution!

[–] Gorillion 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Cause and Effect is a two-step chain of logic that most variety niggers can't follow.

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To be fair: Their viciousness was a retribution to US war in the middle east. Their shit religion just serves as a motivation for their soldiers in this war.

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It's a feud.

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Do it faggots! You're about to experience a whole different type of white person! The descendants of those who've never lost are about to flip the world.

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Dude I would charge is is pussies with a felling axe bet they get killed.

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This is part of why importing Islam into your country is a bad idea. If you want to know more about why importing large numbers of muslims is a bad idea I recommend reading the Quran. The Prophet Mohammed was quite a character, the world would be a better place if he just spent his entire life as a merchant; running caravans of silks, spices and other valuable trade goods across the desert's trade routes.

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you forgot raping little girls and boys.

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Also protecting against the sexualization of children in European schools.

Unlike the pussy europeans.

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He learned that little tidbit from the Joos

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He didn't want to spoil the book.

I heard there is similar content in the talmud.

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Good! Let them attack us, then we will retaliate and then the war starts.

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Dm right homeboy

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They behead people, drown them, burn them, and throw them off buildings already so not sure they have much left they can do.

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Joke's on them. They cannot kill what has no life.

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