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He says what most people on Voat agrees with. So many people have come to the same conclusions(truth) over the years and it's awesome to see we have reached a point where someone is taking the next step - radical action. As he writes, our genocide will not be stopped by democratic means. It's implemented via democratic means and soft totalitarianism coupled with public shaming. Just as ABB paved the way for much, much less extremist groups(Generation Identity, altright, Trumo, etc.(these would be the most extreme, unacceptable groups today if it weren't for ABB)) this guy will have created more space for us to settle in the future.

And finally whites have hands on proof - you can kill them. This is the first time a white guy has taken real revenge, it's the first time people of European stock has witnessed someone doing the ultimate deed.

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He killed sand niggers. Let's not pretend he killed anyone who has an actual impact on the destruction of white society. He shot symptoms, not causes.

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Well, maybe we should keep shooting symptoms...

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And yet maybe more white blood cells will wake up ... or whatever works for the analogy

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He moved on the chess board. You didn’t. STFU.

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Nothing about Jews its all about Islam just like the Anders Breivik who was an Israel supporter...then this idiot believes its what most Voaters agrees on what a douche .

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Also an interesting read. Article from 2011: http://archive.is/1G20W

“Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'‘

Want to guess where this also took place?

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I just read your comment in another thread. Perhaps this is some glow in the dark shit, but nonetheless it can for our survival that it happened. It's the first time a Euro has killed members of a group that has been terrorizing and replacing us for years. It's a good chance people will see the hypocrisy from the media(not all Muslims vs. yes all whites) and the anger will grow. These angry young men wont come to us for the right reasons, but at least they'll come. And when they belong to us it's only a matter of time before they see the Jews for who they are.

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This is the first time a white guy has taken real revenge, it's the first time people of European stock has witnessed someone doing the ultimate deed.

It shows what an intelligent, competent, motivated white man can accomplish, if he is willing to commit himself to a cause.

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This is the first time a white guy has taken real revenge, it's the first time people of European stock has witnessed someone doing the ultimate deed.

Anders Brevik would disagree, as would Anton Lundin Pettersson.

Whites have tried shit like this before, but never had the degree of success in their attacks as the one in Christchurch.

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Breivik was very successful judging from all the right wingers basking in his wake - GI, the Altright, Trump, traditional right wing parties, etc.. Without Breivk all of thee groups would be the most extreme thing in existence and they would not be tolerated(if we can call them tolerated) like they are today. After Breivik they didn't seem so bad because they aren't as 'bad', but he did not take revenge on those outright killing us. It will be exiting to see institutions and people emerge from this in the years to come.

This is however the first time we have taken revenge on the ideology responsible for all the terror in the same way it attacks us. The Trollhättan attack was nothing in comparison, just as the guy in England driving his truck over people in front of a Mosque wasn't worth much.

Whites have tried shit like this before, but never had the degree of success

That's why I wrote real revenge. Islam hasn't been hit this hard in Europe since Charles 'the Hammer' Martel drove them out.

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https://hastebin.com/raw/isacebowuz Non-pdf link.

He's a self described ethno-nationalist eco-fascist, and an (elite combat seal)*. That's got to be a rare combination which explains why he believed he had to act on his own. As OP said, he used guns specifically to divide the United States along the ethnic lines that also divide the issue of gun rights. The left is going to play right into his hands.

Ben Shapiro specifically told me not to read his manifesto because these monsters do it for attention. In the manifesto he says he expects to be completely forgotten like the Madrid bombers. His manifesto explicitly disagrees with Ben Shapiro. He did it for the predictable political consequences. If you don't read the manifesto, you risk playing unwittingly into his goals.

  • edit: He is not an elite combat seal, I am retarded.

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an elite combat seal...

I don't think the guy dropping mags was ever in the military.

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He's referring to the copypasta he did of the "listen here you little shit". It was pretty funny.

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True I took him at his word in the manifesto and did not watch the video. I've watched some videos in the past that really stuck to my mind so I tend to avoid pushing the limits on that. Watching him shoot kids would probably fuck me up. Hopefully someone maps it out from the video so I can see what happened without watching.

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I agree. And I’m glad he did this. No more French sitting. Let’s get this party started.

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Lol you fell for the pasta.

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Now I wonder if the whole manifesto is trolling. The idea of a mass shooter not taking it seriously is beyond my understanding.

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Thanks for posting. I had a hard time finding it. Its like it was scrubbed from the internet. All I could find were out of context, cherry picked quotes.

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I read about the first 10 pages. It wasn’t the ramblings of a madman. It was the well thought out thesis by a man fed up with Muslim murderers taking over his homeland. His statement about Nelson Mandela really impressed me.

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Check out Ted kazinski's manifesto it's also really good.

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It got many good, serious reviews.

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It goes in circles and is light on evidence, but yeah Ted, nature good Commies bad.

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Meh. Kazinski rambles. It was more philosophical, but less focused.

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Finally some some white people who are standing up against the white genocide. You can only combat violence with violence.

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What occurred to me was to wonder how many times the Muslims killed in that mosque had listened to the news about a Muslim terrorist attack in Europe against white people, and had grinned at each other and nodded their heads. Well, Muzzies, what goes around, comes around.

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80 fucking pages of

everything but the jews

I mean, good job and all. But he kinda shit the bed there tbh.

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He's smarter than you. He attacks same issue while avoiding the PR killzone that you HH types insist on charging into over and over.

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PR killzone

I already like you. I'm gonna use that term again about this issue with voaters.

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you can overcome a problem by never dealing with it

This is some golden life advice right here.

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this is 11d chess talk similar to what obama and trump supporters both use to deal with being betrayed.

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Warning, it's long.

a short tldr: Sees terror attack in Sweden, little girl dead. RAGES. Guy goes to a graveyard of fallen soldiers and cries, time for revenge (doesn't hate them, if they stay in their own countries and not invade).

a few other things I noticed. He thinks that actions will have calls for gun control in U.S....maybe, but nothing that already isn't being done that way. Meanwhile another state makes non permit conceal carry law and the Nelson Mandela statement... read it.

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The bit about the French graveyard really floored me. sadness to shame to guilt to anger to rage.

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I read half of it last night, after watching the shooting video. It's well written for the most part -- clear, direct and to the point. It doesn't ramble the way most manifestos do (I'm looking at you, mail bomber). This guy wasn't insane, he was determined. He committed an act calculated by him to have the greatest impact in forwarding his purposes, which are (1) awakening white Christians to the Muslim threat, (2) punishing Muslims for past acts of terrorism against white Christians, (3) driving Muslims out of white nations and inhibiting their immigration, (4) provoking more restrictive gun laws in the United States, with the ultimate goal of bringing about a civil war in the US.

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I think this summarizes it perfectly.

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