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Jews are the ones pushing ((( Multiculturalism ))) ONLY in majority White Nations.

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( Links Below Compiled By, And Credited To @The_Tinamou)

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Franz Kafka riding the Golem, public statue in Prague photo: https://thewanderingwanderluster.com/wp-content/uploads/Franz_Kafka_Statue_Prague.jpg

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Rabbi in L.A. California teaches that God commands Jews to commit genocide against American and most of Europe https://voat.co/v/videos/3088791

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Ive asked liberals to name one country where mass imigration is taking place that going into a non white nonwestern country? There is not one.

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Comment deleted still working on my sarcasm...I guess it's going to take a lot more work. Great job on compiling the evidence.

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Not sure why u getting downvoted i think people missed the obvious sarcasim in your post next time at the end put /S

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Hows your 10 days on voat been? Lemme guess youve been here along time you forgot your password blah blah blah

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He didnt actually say that right? He's full on love the kikes isnt he?

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His wife and daughter are Jewish, he's definitely on the tribe's side.

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Sadly yes i think you are right, but the meme is fun.

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Go find another site to sully, evil coward.

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No we aren't!!! GOYS DID 911

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Yes, the goy bombed themselves. Don't tell the goy that the single most benefiting country from 9/11 was Israel. Oy vey

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Hateful Nazi's attacked The USS Liberty and tried to blame it on jews.

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Israel and the kikes in Jewyork

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This is the part i don't get. shooter claimed to come from /pol/ yet have nothing against the Jews?

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What kind of pol user has Facebook accounts with his real name and links it to Twitter that has his real name and links that on pol? None of this makes sense.

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Not to mention he travelled to NK, and Pakistan. This guy glows.

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It's very curious to me why they, the jewbaloos, are never the target.coincidence?

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its because your not paying attention


Both the pittsburg guy and this guy are fucking idiots. You burn down places of worship while they are empty. And you kill political/police/military targets. Don't target civilians they get hit being collateral damage and that happens whatever boo hoo that's war. Targeting civilians and especially targeting children. Never does you any favors.

But I guesse thank god the synagogue shooter didn't target an AIPAC headquarters in his state those people are also innocent. Probably more so then random fucking kikes in a synagogue...

And thank god the guy in new zealand didn't target a muslim gang hangout or street corner. And instead went to a mosque and murdered mostly old men women and children...

Guy was a real badass. And good lord so intelligent as based on his den of vipers section of his manifesto that apparently all of voat is just eating up as a perfectly reasonable explanation for killing kids.

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The mosque was an isis recruiting center. Seems like every new Zealand isis fighter has come from that area

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I just Reread your reply. Very astute observation and comments.and I agree that's why I am skeptical immediately when things like this happen. We can not just eat out the hands of the globalist media especially when the story seems to be somewhat sympathies to our world view. Targeting innocents sets back your cause so much that the FBI and the CIA will push these style of attacks to demonize groups like ...fill in the blank. Political targets, elite targets, pedophile targets, bank and banker targets, media targets. Sorry if I came across snarky. But Pittsburg was fake. Anyway thanks for your insight.

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Really Ofts? Pittsburg? You think that shit was real?

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You sir are wrong 100 Jewish tombstones were toppled and desecrated in a Mass graveyard and lets not forget the 110 year old Jewish man that was stabbed to death on his death bed you want me to go on. Jews are the victims here why else would white brave boys pick arms and fight in the name of Israel

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All acts classified as anti semitism are fake. The Jews are fake . The whole fucking world is fake. We are being lied too. Wake up and free yourself from the trap-a zoid.

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Don't forget about that poor jewish guy that was killed by the goyim simply for wanting to make his dick bigger. Oy Vey, the injustice never ends.

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christianity and islam are both based on judaism. They used the christ myth to take over the roman empire. Did same with Islam to take over byzantine side. Muslims are loyal footsoldiers for them without realizing it.

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Go deeper...

Religions are solely human creations to enslave mankind to the written laws in exchange for empty promises. The natural traits superstition, faith and morality were hijacked into a lie, all the religious scriptures are tales of morality based on natural law, and the principal of God describes nature itself.

That's a bummer for most, and a terrifying outset, but it is also a necessary evil. Let me tell you why…Good and evil do exist, and natural law dictates that they have to coexist. To control big human civilizations one has to force morality onto them, otherwise chaos erupts. The means to achieve this is violence, but that comes with too much collateral damage, so laws were created, which also needed violence to enforce. This is where religion was born out of the necessity to make mankind accept laws without rebelling. So the concept of a god was put forward to give them something superstitious to worship, they were thaught to behave by tales of morality, they were given symbols to put their faith into, and the cherry on top…lies about imaginary achievements that makes them content and docile, like promises of peace, freedom, prosperity, enlightenment, a place in heaven, or virgins in an afterlife paradise.

Now we are in the present and all of mankind has thousands of years of religious indoctrination inside their genetic make-up. That means we respond to symbolism, idol worshiping and the concepts of morality. Especially so if you're an atheist, because that means you would fall prey to worship literally anything that benefits you personally, like money. That is all based on lies, it's ultimately evil, but it is now deeply festering in our human nature. We can not ignore this to go a different way, we must incorporate this religious identity and twist it away from the written laws and back towards the laws of nature.

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Nice post. Upgoat.

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I think Plato had the idea first. Noble Lie. Now they had religion before that but I doubt people believed it was literally true, people like Zeus were historical figures that tall tales changed the history of to be more bigger than life.

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Religion is bad for humanity. Organized religion a place for lazy evil fucks to get power and influence. Jews just jews are the worst of this group.

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I’m still a little skeptical that this wasn’t Mossad because this was a win win for Jews. Jews want to start a war between Christians and Muslims to give nihilistic atheism a place to breed. Then once the Christians and Muslims are exhausted, the Chinese dogs come in and clean house. Then the Jews open the door for the world to accept Lucifer as their one true got and the Symagogue of Satan can be put into the light. And then I fucking hope Jesus gets down here and starts raising hell or I’m OUT.

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Trust in jesus is an older version of trust in q. People are waiting for a jew who you worship as God to come save you, sounds pathetic to me.

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Yeah if you’re a short-sighted literalist faggot. Regardless of Jesus being a “jew”-more than that and FAR above that, he was the representation of God coming to Earth. That there is good here worth dying for. That evil can be overcome. Belittling his identity to his race sounds like a tactic I’ve seen over and over again Get your fucking jew identity politics off of my spiritual leader you sad nigger.

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Jews are the single biggest threat and have been for a very long time. That is why they have always been hated throughout history. It is as simple as good vs evil and they need to be destroyed.

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Dude 100 babies die each year from circumcision. So if some doctor kills your baby because of a jewish conspiracy to get other non jews to cut their babies dicks up how pissed would you be your first born son dies because of a fucking jewish religious ceramony that has absolutly no medical benefit! What do you think an alpha man in the middle ages did when he found out jew fucking pedophile tricksters where cutting little defensless baby dicks off and he hears they suck on the bloody penis! That man goes insane and tries to kill all the jews it has happendd 109 for various reasons.

Ohh wait you mean you are taking my house ive made payments on for 20 years because of some weird jew math? Reason number 87!

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