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This is great, by the way. People are sick of the Islamic shit.

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This shit glows SO INSANELY HARD, you could power a continent with it.

Not to mention that he specifically sais that JEWS are innocent, while he's attacking muslims; muslims are a SYMPTOM of jews. ANYONE who's spent more than a week or two on 8chan knows that the problem is JEWS, not muslims.

This is LITERALLY a case of side A pretending to be side B, attacking side C, so that B and C keep fighting, while side A reaps all the gains.

There can be no mercy for jews.

again: “Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake”

also: remember: false flag doesnt mean 'it didnt happen' it means 'side A pretending to be side B while comitting an action'

Like soldiers putting other countries' patches on their gear, and going around killing civilians, making sure that everyone can see the 'other countries' patches, and making everyone think that they did it.

This is exactly why all the guns have the scribbles on it.

This is exactly why he has his manifesto full of white nationalist talkingpoints, but strangely aquitting jews????

These are exactly the planted 'other countries' patches to make sure everyone believes that 'other country' did it.

This is literally 'le 9gag army was here' -tier falseflaggery

Think critically, and ask yourself: who would stand to gain anything from this, and what could this be distracting from?

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The white national shit it had scrawled all over his gun and the way he would turn it to face the camera, the way he went back for the mag he dropped when dude knocked him down, the way he went back for head shots and made sure each was in frame.

This was way to perfect shock and awe to be anything but an opportunity to scare the living shit out of people.

He also knew exactly how to clear his weapon on the feed ramp jam.

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Stirring unrest between Muslims and white/Europeans while simultaneously shoving them together...this has been the plan all along. This is the point of everything. They get their enemies embroiled in a seemingly endless war with each other, both parties becoming more destitute over time, while (((they))) hang back in the shadows and profit from the war and hoard the wealth of nations until the wealth gap means they can basically just call the shots for the globe.

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What a load of falseflaggotry

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I see a lot of people on this site saying things like these, and although I don't fully disagree then I never hear any examples of what exactly should be done, should CNN be shot up, or should Synagogues be? should specific jews be hunted down? what would you do instead of going after muslims like pewds footsoldier did

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I honestly don't have a shred of remorse, my fav is the bitch getting shot at the end. It's all help me help me when you gotta bullet in ur back but what have you helped bitch was laughing. Fuck shitskins.

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9/11 was a Zionist job

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Edited to add videos, download while they're up!

mp4 version, whole video in one part: https://files.catbox.moe/bsckol.mp4

part 1: https://files.catbox.moe/9tn2c0.webm

part 2: https://files.catbox.moe/umx0jc.webm

It's amazing just how quickly it was scrubbed. Minutes after I upped it to Liveleak it was gone, and LL down for hours. Other places edit it down to 37 seconds if it stayed up at all. The one I saw on Bitchute had missing audio, too.

Within an hour of it happening we knew more about the guy, all his social media. The whole livestream was an extended dog whistle straight at the chans, from the music to what he said to the shit wrote on his gun. Dude posted on h8chan right before he went in.

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Are there any vids of the alleged 2nd shooting?

And its not really a dog whistle but a stab at the chans and pwedi pie, it was so cringy and in the open, shit has to have the soup involved.

Watch chan go down, guess certain powers are pissed at the little 1000s pricks sites like that can make.

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I haven't seen any, only a couple pictures and one video of Tarrant's arrest.

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I think Facebook killed the livestream by that point

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Yes pls. I want to see it.

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part 1: https://files.catbox.moe/9tn2c0.webm

part 2: https://files.catbox.moe/umx0jc.webm

had to upload them myself, took a sec.

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What kind of music is he listening to in the 1st vid? Sounds Yiddish.

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Here's some tracks I noticed --

Serbia Strong

British Grenadier song


Fire! by Arthur Brown (the timing on this song was impeccable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLG1ys2CGcI

Gas Gas Gas by Manuel


Nothing yiddish about any of his music choices.

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was listening to the news reports, and 'fitst-hand' witnesses this morning. i saw the video, and that dude was pretty methodical in taking EVERYONE out. even went back for up-close. where did these 'survivors' who lived through THAT come from? imo, already prepped actors for the show. but he did make us member jews are our allies! this thing stinks to high hell

EDIT: CBS is reporting a WHITE man shot up the mosque. lol, only tell the race when it's white!

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I have no problem with jews in israel, as long as they do not try and subvert my country.

hard to quantify support for jews out of that statement.

survivors? there were plenty at the second mosque, video's floating around. kiwifarms has a nice collation, so does infinity.

as to CBS, well duh -- that's what kikes do. did you hear about the pack of nigger teens (12-14) that kidnapped and raped a girl in baltimore, md not long ago? maybe you heard about it here or places like voat, doubt you heard about it anywhere else.

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Well, most of the public 'facts' initially released seem to be contradicted. Then there's the issue of the Saudi suite at the top of the hotel, the restricted elevator, etc. A whole lot of weirdness.

But yes, whoever it was shot up a predominantly white concert.

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I remember watching coverage of the incident and wishing it was some ooga booga jungle "music" festival instead. You know, the ones packed with niggers and nigger lovers.

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He was the body they found in a hotel room after a bunch of white people were shot up at least.

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A leftist Jew specifically.

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Because the left don't care about those videos.

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The left celebrate when shitskins murder whites.

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Looks like Five Eyes is getting ahead of the declass narrative

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EXACTLY! Surprised it hasn't happened in the U.K. as the Muslim population is skyrocketing.

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The UK has been disarmed. They have no ability to fight back.

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Why is voat fucked? Because of our archive bot on bitchute? We haven’t been named anywhere that I’ve seen.

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you're right, not in video or "Great Replacement"

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We'll know as much as they want us to know, nothing more.

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Anything on why he shot through his own windows at what appear to be random people?

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Probably saw brown people

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That was very unusual. Way to mark his own car.

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I was saying to myself as I was watching, "How do you know they're muslims, dumbass?" Then again, the in-car view was at a bad angle.

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