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It's unfortunate that these Muslims, who were probably all innocent, or largely so, had their lives ended that way. They were in the wrong country at the wrong time. But Whites aren't the ones that forced them into that situation, the Jews rampaging through their countries on the backs of Whites are.

Honestly? After all the Muslim terrorism events I've seen in the past few years, in which hundreds of white Christians were murdered all over Europe, I couldn't find it in my heart to care very much about these Muslims. That's the truth.

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Umm how about the two girls gang raped and had their heads cut off while alive!!! That was fucking worse then watching a bunch of fucking radical muzlims get blasted.

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Dude. This was still pretty fucked.

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There are no innocent Muslims

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Likewise. I think we'll have to accept it as part and parcel of living in a Western City as a muslim. Darn. Must be real tough for them.

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All religion is the fertile ground of tricksters conmen closet faggots wanna be cult leaders. Its the fucking way of weak evil fucks even the ones with good intentions are still faggots in the classic sense a preacher or priest or shamen is a fucking useless old barren lady. Fucking religion the cause of some much pain and suffering and death.

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European paganism never died, but Christianity did.

A reinvigoration of Christianity is the only hope for Western civilization. Christianity is the religion of the West, and the religion of the white race. Without it, we have no racial center, no source of spiritual strength.

You can pray to Odin all you want. More power to you. But the religion of the ancient Norse peoples was forsaken by them a long time ago in favor of Christianity, which became their religion. Odin worship is never going to glavanize whites to fight for their survival. It's just a distraction. By trashing Christianity, you are doing exactly what the Jews programmed you to do. You are being their servant and their puppet.

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What about the Pantheon? Southern Europe should revive them.

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In all honesty,I'm not entirely convinced Jesus wasn't actually an incarnation of Odin. Wouldn't be the first time he'd sacrificed himself to himself. Jews and their revisionist history and control of the church could've invented the whole Jesus thing.

But ultimately,I like Odin cause he gets the human condition a lot more than other gods. He understands the importance of defending yourself and righting wrongs,with blood,if necessary.

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Muslims who move to white lands are not innocent.

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This gnaws at me: I know White people in the US who want to go dwell in unspoiled White civilized-yet-rustic New Zealand, but can't because you have to be super rich just to get there and mega wealthy to emigrate there. And yet tiny little Christchurch is so saturated with third-world shitstains it supports two mosques.

How did this happen?

And how did all these American tac-squad-looking armor-vested military rifle-trained English bobbies suddenly materialize everywhere in tiny, remote, little Christchurch, NZ?

Who's been secretly transforming paradise into McDonaldsBurgerLand, USA?

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Had to look it up, Christchurch has 400K residents, so not exactly "tiny, little, remote" IMO unless there's another one?

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That's how I feel.

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James Brown singing "I am the God of hellfire," as the shooter got back into his car, was almost over the top ... but it worked, from a dramatic perspective. I'm not saying the shooting was faked, or a false flag, I'm saying that sometimes God writes some good scripts.

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At the end the song said "gas gas gas"

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I think he picked the playlist for timing, he knew how long the driving song was; how long the interim was, and the "God of Hellfire" was a signal to get back to the car and bug out. If he planned this all himself he left nothing unconsidered.

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Look at the trending tab on BitChute.

The top videos are the mirrors of the live stream. Combined they're over 30k views.

Here's one of them.


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That video lit a fire back into my soul. I'm ready for the civil war.

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Yep, too many people are getting woke to the jews on all sides (thanks to the brotherfucker), so this is likely to trigger open slimes vs whitey hostility. While Israel openly flattens Gaza like they're on whitey's side.

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Agreed, but unfortunately, most of those emboldened will be part of a loose and disorganized fringe. This will just be the usual fodder for the mainstream narrative. The left will decry the potential domestic terrorist lurking within every white male, while the right denounces the incident and apologizes profusely. Same old blah blah blah...

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I was surprised at my own lack of reaction while watching,.. although I did think running the woman’s body over after shooting her was a little unnecessary. I think I’ve become so desensitised to violence (gang violence is a problem in my hometown), it’s a little concerning. Especially when watching a damn dog reunited with owner vid sends me into ugly cry.

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Try convincing anyone else...

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Maybe I’ll feel different once I’ve had time to take it in.

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It's not like he went out of his way to run her over. But yeah, I felt nothing. Laughed a couple times.

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I feel awful admitting that I did too. I think because it was so surreal, his just shot up a group of people- yet he stops and waves pedestrians across the cross walk..

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That video was exhilarating! Missed the live stream by two hours!

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You've gotta have some screws loose to be laughing at a bunch of people being murdered in cold blood.

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Bro, watching that... I didn't feel too much either and I only play realistic shooter games... I don't even have anger issues, like at all... I was shocked by how relatively calm the shooter was, leading up to the event and during. Afterwords, in his speedy getaway you could tell he was super amped...

You know, I get the feeling this guy is some highly trained individual who doesnt mind killing ragheads, who was willing to go down as infamous in the historical record just to further a larger agenda. The higalian dialectic is at work here for sure.

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Id say more importantly is read his manifesto. After reading the manifesto watch the (((mainstream media))) twist and turn everything that he point blank already provided the answers to the questions.

HE DID NOT NAME THE JEW! THAT IS VERY FUCKING WEIRD. reminds me of tommy robinson he is paid to not name the jew or jew bankers.

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He also said Candace Owens inspired him. I think he is trying to appeal to the anti-muslim cuckservatives and alt-lite in order to fire them up and so the jewish neo-cons can't turn them away from what he did and his message. Brietbart comments are all supporting the shooter!

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He also said Candace Owens inspired him.

Dude was just memeing about that. He also put a navy seal copy pasta in there.

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Here's a copy: https://www.scribd.com/document/401953818/The-Great-Replacement-the-apparent-motivation-for-the-NZ-Mosque-shootings#fullscreen&from_embed

I was reading in another one that he went from one ideology to the next (communism, eco-terrorism, etc.) but I'm not seeing it in this one, so just be aware there might be misinfo out there. Just heard about this myself.

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I'll be honest. Fearful and upset.

I assumed someone WOULDN'T do something stupid as this. That they would instead, work on banding together and changing the system.

Not shooting up Mosques.

With all the talk of accelerationism, twitter and other sites banning "conspiracy theories" and the like, How much of this was planned by the deep state to use an excuse to bring the hammer down?

I'm not feeling good about this now.

I know some of you are, but I'm telling you the truth about how I feel about this.

I don't like muslims either, but that doesn't mean I want to see people get killed over it.

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I dont agree with you. But im not going to go shoot up a mozque either or a jew center. Im working on a book and redplilling as much as i can and im about to work very hard at getting a good white woman and popping out babies. I quit drinking and am making the money and making sure i will get to making babies. I wish i had this epiphany at 33 instead of 43 but i can pop out a good amount. Luckly im in shape have money and have free time. Wish me luck.

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Writing a book for Amazon and all the other distributors to NOT allow on their websites? Yeah good luck, without that you're just going to be preaching to the choir. At least on Kindle or something, there's a chance some normie or someone on the fence might see it while browsing one day and it might open his eyes. It will be like David Irving and his books. The only people who ever get to read his books get them in PDF form on white nationalist type websites, or from him directly. And if you're doing either of those things, you're already "red-pilled" on a lot of things.

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Good luck, let me know if you need an editor for your book. If this is your first book it's quite challenging

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Good luck dude, you can do it

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Good luck. Godspeed.

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I think it was him, just a psycho criminal mass murdering freak posting a bunch of bullshit politics, if the plan was to basically have some nutbags, go to a foreign Western country, shoot up some place so they can better control the populations, ban guns and take away more freedoms ... then it was a diabolical plan but that's conspiracy talk @Thyartisgoytricks @CowWithBeef i dunno there are conspiracy there was more than one shooter but I seen a vid of the go-pro and it looked like a lone dude. A news leak site Heavy dot com is reporting a bunch of Facebooker 4chan people were cheering him on as he live streamed, i did not see this in the vid....so you do wonder what is real reporting and what is gossip, fake news? From the vid I watched there were slogans on the side of the guns like 'this is for rotherham' I think there might be disinfo and or trolling before his insane carnage and mass murder? he labels himself an eco fascist and says above all Candace or Candice Owens influenced him, twitter is trying to blame PewDiePie ?

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Months ago AJ predicted essentially a live streamed false flag; he thought it would be against CNN. Instigators agitate the unstable. There's a lot being exposed lately.

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That sounds like a fantasy to me. Mossad are inactive??

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I don't feel bad for anyone who thought it was a good idea to move a Muslim population into a city called Christ Church

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oy vey

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I agree with everything you said, except I don't necessarily believe that the Muslims were necessarily innocent.

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Join a religious cult.

Be surprised when people hate you for joining it.

If I joined the kkk as a neutral member do you think people would give me a free pass, or do you think they'd assume that because I joined it that I accept all responsibilities of its members?

Being a muslim is, by default, associating yourself with everything shit about it so fuck them.

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They don't join though, almost all religious people were indoctrinated from birth.

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