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it was definitely better than 4chan and gab

another digital space is being targeted, and it's only a matter of time before voat hits the list

trump isn't going to protect our platforms, he's already announced the death sentence for anyone who would stand up to (((THEM)))

so long as they can decide who to allow to perform financial transactions, they have all the power in the world to control us and destroy us

their control of us is systematic, and they view us as nothing more than a virus that needs to be eradicated

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Anyone else notice this happened a day after the pedogate/pizzagate dump? Hopefully this is recognized as a false flag. Facebook should bear the brunt of this atrocity.

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What pedogate pizzagate dump?

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I see they managed to shoehorn GamerGate in there as well. Sheesh.

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Dear raptor Jesus no

There's enough faggots here already, we don't need more

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Except it was streamed live on govbook right?