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Most people don't know that a Mosque is a military building. The islamic faith says that everything visible from it is owned by islam. That's one of the reasons they build such high towers on the things.

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Interesting related post from 2011: http://archive.is/1G20W

“Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'‘

Want to guess where this also took place?

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What are you talking about goy

"Mr Key said the unusual circumstances of the incident were fully investigated and no evidence was found that the people involved were anything other than backpackers." -Straight from the NZ Prime Minister you bigot.

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That's all I'm concerend about, I couldn't care any less about the dead niggers.

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Part and parcel of living in a large city.

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Part and parcel of a diverse multicultural society.

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It’s eventually going to lead to a ban on “hate speech”. Why the fuck does he bring pewdipie into this? Now be prepared for parents to start talking to their kids about this shit and only allow them to watch PBS and BBC shit. They’re tightening the noose on free speech. Of course they’ll never miss an opportunity to bring gun control into the conversation even though this happened on a different continent.

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And this will blow up in their face.

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Part of Sir Brendon Tarrant's goal was to spark the civil war in the United States. He knew gun-grabbers would use this moment to try to disarm the populace, and everyone knows that you're not going to disarm the citizens of the United States without a civil war.

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I am seeing the response to this all over the internet, and even normally subdued, boomer cuck sites like breitbart, are applauding this hero. They're not about to brow beat us with this. This man is a fucking legend.

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My bestest Xmas present!!!

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did you read the new kike times article? they say 4 people did it one had a helmet cam and recorded it! I hope the video surfaces.

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The video is on the front page. I've never seen anything like it.

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I hope the video surfaces.

There are links all over Voat. Here is one


If the link is dead, or if the server is overloaded, check this thread https://voat.co/v/news/3095332

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So there was more than one mosque shot up?

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Why are Muslims In New Zealand

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This is why it pays to be a Jesus lover. You can hide and duck under those wooden pews.

Poor muzzies never had a chance.

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So long as ya ain't Orthodox.

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They don’t have pews?

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Yeah, it was pretty sad seeing them huddled in the corner thinking maybe he had stopped or would continue on. But the guy was merciless and just unloaded into them.

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Unarmed Muslims are not the real enemies and you guys know it. They're pawns. Pieces on the chessboard so the real enemies know how their plans are progressing. The real enemies are the people with ulterior motives that have infiltrated places of power and allowed this invasion to occur. The ones calling for open borders.

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While what you say is true, I've seen too many videos of unarmed muslims cheering when one of them blows up a concert or runs over a bunch of unarmed White people out Christmas shopping. I have ZERO sympathy for these invaders, armed or not.

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While true, they're only a problem because our politicians are corrupt.

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If you attack me with a sword, disarming you is a valid method of fighting back.

If a Jew attacks me with Muslims, shooting them is a valid way of fighting back.

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Underrated comment.

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Care to explain? Obviously new user, just trying to get deeper on the matter

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he says the unarmed ones are worst, because we don't know how to deal with them and they use our laws and system against us.

and he mentions NGOs and how people will be shock when they find the people behind it and how they should be ejected everywhere, he dosn't quite name the jew, good plan or they could scream nazi, and says he has no problem with jews to further cover himself.

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Yes that's why it's so supiscious that he didnt kill a politician or a priest that he called out in the manifesto

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Why did these Muslim hunters have only semi auto? Western governments have been sending full auto guns to Isis for years. Seems they are the victims of discrimination, I bet they had to buy that stuff with their own money!

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He chose an ar15 specifically because libtards hate it. According to his manifesto

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His semi-auto looked plenty effective in this video. Full auto is for suppressing fire and machine guns.

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Mmmhmmm.... Or very close quarters combat. Even then.... Eh.

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who cares, it worked better than their shitty attacks

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His manifesto addresses almost everyone's points in both the large threads here on voat. Its quite an interesting read and I am only half way through.

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This reeks of a false flag, if he was even half as intelligent as half the cunts on here he would have targeted politicians and high ranking policy changers. Shooting these pawns who come to our countries because our politicians let them in achieves absolutely nothing and will only harm us.

You watch them create gun laws in NZ that are in line with ours in Australia now.

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He says in the manifesto the gun laws in NZ are already fucked, as is Austraila. This was pointed square at the 2A in the good ole USA.

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He addresses both of those points in his manifesto. Basically says that the muslims (and others) need to be taken care of immediately because they breed so fast and that the traitors or whatever can wait. I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense but that's his stated reasoning.

Here's a copy on scribd. https://www.scribd.com/document/401953818/The-Great-Replacement-the-apparent-motivation-for-the-NZ-Mosque-shootings#fullscreen&from_embed

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Its already in this thread twice. Scroll down.

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