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We're not going there! Skipper, set course for Jerusalem!

[–] Fuckyounigger 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Fuck you for me not being creative and you taking my comment ahead of me!

[–] CobraDienBienPhu 1 points 26 points (+27|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Thirsty faggots keep implying that these horse faced bug eyed cum dumpster mutts are attractive.


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Seriously. And Zyklon did these slags a huge favor in this cartoon. They are drawn pretty sexy, and they are nothing of the sort. AOC had a nice beaner bod in college, but she is approaching the "pear shaped with a mustache" stage of fembean development.


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this comment made me laugh

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Our women have become so obese and fucked out that 5s like AOC are somehow hot. I wouldn't fuck that ugly bitch if someone paid me.

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Our women have become so obese and fucked out that 5s like AOC are somehow hot.

We need @Empress to whip our women into shape!

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Don't forget the effects of the birth control pill and feminism. I was looking for birth control before and after pics, and they MAKE SURE to only show you pics of how it CLEARS UP YOUR SKIN after a few weeks, but not the weight you put on, the rounded shape you get, from YEARS of use.

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Came here with the same complaint. KH is sour faced like a brown Hillary, AOC's eyes make her repellent despite an ok body she was cute in her college dance pictures, but she is already fighting the wall. Similarly Tulsi looked good for her age six years ago.

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She looks like a donkey going after a carrot that's just a little too far away

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Once the makeup comes off and they arent contorting their face like freaks, you see the ugly.

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Right, this is America! Only jews and niggers get free shit here! You're white and want some too? What are you, some kind of National Socialist?

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Everybody knows that America is nation where everybody* needs to play fair.

*White people only.

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lol did Garrison just rip off StoneToss?

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I made a version of the sirens meme 9 months ago, but it was uploaded to kek.gg Goddamn honeypot

It had Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj as the nasty modern day sirens, though, not the ladies of the left, so a slightly different take.

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My first thought.

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The allure of the Kardashians

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Tulsi is far from socialist. Much more centrists. Even the DNC is angry at her for being centrists.

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Guy doesn't look like he drinks enough soy.

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Equality? Who the hell wants equality? Fuck that.

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When provided with equal opportunity, the left demands equal outcome.

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