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The moment this happened for the first time in maybe the history of the state of kentucky, people thought let's move to kentucky.

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You are right, it's just awful here. 95% white, clean air and water, food easily grown in a long season, low population and defensible terrain. Stay where you are.

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Not saying you're wrong, but I think for most people kentucky conjures up an image of the south most people dont want to be a part of, lived in NC for years and the drive through kentucky to the midwest was typically always better than Indiana, Ohio, or Tennessee

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95% white

Not by any stretch of the imagination. I've seen parts of California that were whiter than some sundown towns in Kentucky.

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Daniel Boone would disagree.

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Yeah I was being coy with thinking about when it became a state. It was a little earlier than I thought. Although I think a lot of contemporaries would have disagreed with daniel boone too. Kentucky was a wilderness full of Indians then and much to rough for easterners, especially from new england.

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people thought let's move to kentucky.


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Kentucky folk still might want to get their concealed permit though, if they plan on traveling out of state and want to take advantage of reciprocity agreements. It's a pretty easy process.

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States in that area have what is called gun reciprocity laws, meaning they can carry guns across state lines with freedom as long as they are in agreement. Which moves to the next question: will this bill alter any agreements? I like to think not. I think other states are going to get on board.

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Need to check each state's law to be compliant. Laws are all over the place regarding open carry/concealed carry. Easy to follow the rules, also easy to fuck up and get arrested when you're just trying to mind your own business and you happen to have a gun in your pocket.

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COME ON, FLORIDA! Tired of every other national news story starting with "Florida Man....."? Arm all those Floridians and let the games begin.

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Florida has been hijacked by Jews, so not likely. Still hopeful, though.

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Jew retirement community confirmed.

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Come on Texas blows on dice

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get in on with Oklahoma boi!!!! Wild wild west out here in november!!!!!

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There sure are a lot of people that know a lot about Kentucky, but aren't from Kentucky, in this thread.

It feels like reddit in here. :-D

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Like you have an address list?

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Have I (((triggered))) you?