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If they can take some random negro that the CIA raised in a vat somewhere and install him as president and nobody does jack shit to stop it, they can pretty much put anybody there.

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some random negro

Don't forget his tranny "wife".

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don't forget tranny wife

Joan River's final words before she died getting routine surgery


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Only when it comes to Ted Cruz, then they care.

Disclosure: I don't like Ted Cruz either

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Yep. Like when Hagbag Clinton called out McCain as not being eligible for president (born in Panama), but he ended up being the designated loser against the Chimp anyways.

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I second that opinion. If she gets elected there is no Patriot movement in America.

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Yeah neither was Obama. We stopped following the Constitution in 1913. Since then it has all been a scam. Wake the fuck up and realize where we are at right now.

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The CIA's mind-control program is now finally complete. The few of us remaining are now the crazy people that everyone else looks at weird. We used to be the majority.

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We know they are ignoring the Constitution. That's why we have to remind them and everyone else of it.

We will honor the Constitution as long as they do. If they ignore it, they lose all its protections.

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Her father is a naturalized citizen. If it happened before she was born she is a citizen, natural born, by every legal definition.

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That is false.. natural born means born of a citizen that was born.. ie 2nd gen USa.

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Not true. Natural born has been legally defined as any of the following:

  1. born on U.S. soil
  2. born in another country to two US citizens
  3. born in another country to at least one parent who is a citizen and meets United States residency requirements

As she was born in Oakland, she's already legal on the first point. Doesn't even have to worry about parents' citizenship, unfortunately.

Points 2 and 3 have been hotly contested as a perversion of the constitutional clause's meaning, but again she's in on the first point so it doesn't matter in this case.

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The fact she was born in Oakland already makes her a natural born citizen unfortunately, regardless of parentage.

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False. All decided court cases require a citizen parent

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Democrats never let facts and laws get in the way of anything.

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Eh she's legal. But don't worry, she won't make it past Iowa...assuming she even makes it that far. ROFL. She was all about making the waves as a black woman, declaring early. Her fire was drowned out by Cory Booker and subsequent candidates. Then of course Jussie sunk her. That will follow her until the end. She's cooked - as is Booker.

We are going to end up with Old White Men at the top of the Dem ticket, much to the chagrin of party leaders. Leaders need to learn that you can't tell the voting public what they should and shouldn't like: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/421543-gillibrand-pushes-for-diversity-worrisome-that-top-three-options-in-dem

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Don't count her out until the Democrats and media do. I smell another 2016 where the candidate they want is the one they get, people be damned.

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Good point.

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There are many other--much more valid--reasons why one shouldn't support Kamala Harris, like the fact that she slept her way to the top, or, I dunno, maybe her fucking record as California AG, which is so full of black marks that it's darker than she is.

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This article is incorrect, to be a natural born US citizen requires that you be born here, not that your parents be born here. It was that way long before 1964 when Harris was born.

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Fake news. That's not true at all. For some reason that became the default but by all legal decisions on this being just born here isn't enough. You are supposed to be born to a US citizen. It was never legally intended for this to be the case. Courts have denied citizenship for multiple people that were born on us soil

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This is bullshit. She popped out in America, is over 35, and has been here for more than 14 years. She's legally qualified to be POTUS.

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They are trying to redefine "natural born" and it doesn't work here. The courts have repeatedly ruled that anyone born within the confines of the United States are citizens regardless of the citizenship of their parents (with an exception for anyone here on Diplomatic Visas which is the genesis of removing citizenship from the ISIS bride chick).

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The courts have ruled the exact opposite of what you have said

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Actually they have bastardized the 13th amendment making US slaves citizens. It would not survive a SCOTUS review now. Doubt they would make any change retroactive though.

Would be nice if they threw the squat drops out though.

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