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It just amazes me how many liberals don't have an issue with halaal. For a group that is largely vegan and talks about meat being murder, they sure don't mind that these animals are being killed in the cruelest way possible. Morons and hypocrites.

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An actual subject that peta could be against. But they'd rather steal people's pets and store them in freezers after killing them.

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If they actually practiced what they preached (the ethical treatment of animals) they wouldn't be so universally hated.

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Maybe (((they))) want us to put up posters for them, around animal torture stores (((halal))) telling people they are against this extreme animal torture.

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((peta)). Once you see the acronym, follow your nose.

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Apparently, its not so much about caring for animals as it is making up something to attack you with.

"White American men like beef? Vilify them and promote soy"

"Jihadies torture animals before they bath in its blood, (or whatever shithole rituals they do) sounds good to me!"

-resentful, jealous, self-hating women/soyboys, and jews

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Oh my god, have you seen what they posted on twitter about Steve Irwin? It’s like they’re ASKING for negative publicity.

[–] Black_Phillip 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

It’s simple, this is women. They are are going to vilify American men because they aren’t going to do shit about it and tell their women no and to shut the fuck up.

Women are scared of the Muhammads, simple as that.

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If they were capable of logic and critical thinking they wouldn't be liberals.

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Yeah, that's one thing that really pisses me off about these animal-loving bleeding heart types. Western animal slaughter is the most humane system we have ever developed, yet they choose to focus on that and ignore the barbarity of halal and kosher slaughter.

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I recon the store wont last with no tobacco, vapes, or booze.

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Tobacco usually represents 30-35% of all sales in convenience stores.

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(1) Contact corporate. I'm pretty sure 7-11 is Japanese-owned now, and they probably won't like this. (2) it's a minimart... this place is definitely going out of business....

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Seven & I Holdings is based in Tokyo, but they just own the brand. The main office is in Dallas. And despite being Texas, Dallas is getting more and more cucked these days. Not as bad as Austin, but still bad.

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Some parts of Dallas are becoming Moslem no-go zones for infidels, like downtown Richardson and Murphy.

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7Eleven's headquarters is in Texas.

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7-Eleven Inc. is a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Dallas, Texas

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They think they are low IQ, dirty, scum of the earth barbarians.

They're not wrong.

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Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japanese diversified retail group headquartered in Nibancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

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Sure, you can ask HQ if they require all franchisees to stock certain products and try, but at the end of the day the the 7-11 franchise is likely free to do mostly whatever they want in terms of not stocking certain products. If you don't like it don't go there. If you don't like factory farmed eggs don't buy them. Same with non free-range meat or ethically farmed potatoes.

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7-11 actually has taken over ownership of stores, leaving franchises out in the cold, for practices that went against corporate policy. Don't know if their based or just opportunistic, but they did it to stores raided by ICE.


Either way it's worth trying.

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who buys food from a 7-11? maybe gatorade and gas in an emergency, but food food? nope.

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This is from the 7Eleven franchisee agreement:

Obligations and Restrictions: Franchisees agree under the franchise agreement to devote their best efforts to the store and to actively and substantially participate in the actual operation of the franchise. Franchisees further agree to work full time in their store and supervise day-to-day operations, and make themselves available to meet with the franchisor at reasonable times, at the franchisor’s request, but in any event franchisees agree to meet with the franchisor at least once a week at their store during reasonable business hours. If franchisees are temporarily out of town or otherwise temporarily unavailable to meet with the franchisor at any time, they agree that the franchisor can meet with their employees to discuss the franchisee store's business and take any action contemplated or allowed under the franchise agreement. If franchisees are married, we prefer that both the husband and wife sign the franchise agreement and actively participate in the franchise business. The store must carry all categories of inventory specified. Franchisees must carry, use and offer for sale only the inventory and other products that are consistent with the type, quantity, quality, and variety associated with the 7-Eleven Image and as the franchisor specifies in the franchise agreement. Franchisees must maintain in the store at all times a reasonable and representative quantity of all proprietary products listed in the franchise agreement or that the franchisor otherwise lists in writing. Franchisees must carry at the store a reasonable and representative quantity of all designated nationally or regionally advertised or promoted products. Franchisees must comply with the franchisor’s merchandising and shelf life requirements for fresh foods.

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Glad I don’t live in a major US city. We had a bunch of spics try and set up camp where I live but the sheriff ran them off eventually.

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The south is being overgrown by niggers and invaded by spics.

[–] sosat_menya_reddit 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

I live in the far SE and have a lot of niggers where I live but not very many uppity ones. Spics are nearly nonexistent here.

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7/11 is owned by jews. 7/11 brand is "go yum!", say it out loud. Muslims are bad yes, but don't forget who brought them in.

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People will complain about this but I never hear anyone complaining that I can't buy liquor on Sundays because of christians

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Buying 7-Eleven food

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