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My degree is in stem. My degree is also inflated a good 15-20k because of the action of others. All degrees have been over priced, but I think anyone who has paid their loan back or been on time should get some of the inflated price back if anyone should.

Not giving gov loans for higher education and allowing banks to loan amounts appropriate to potential earnings would help fix the general inflation. Maybe kill off some of the administrative bloat in colleges too since a degree in woman's studies would no longer have anyone in it at 45k for undergrad. Also if nobody in woman's studies is there...you probably don't need those fancy psychology counselors anymore to help them deal with their victimhood.

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Depends. If you are well connected or Jewish, a law degree is far better in terms of earning power than STEM. Even in this day and age when the legal market is a shadow of itself 10 years ago.

Economics is useful, and not considered STEM.

University was not supposed to be job training, which is part of what the pro-STEM people seem to forget. At the same time, I wouldn't sign up for 100k in debt to study a lot of subjects like history. Useful? Yes, history is super useful in terms of general education. Worth going into massive debt for? No, probably not.

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And who chooses which degree they pursue?

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If the parents are paying for it then the parents. If the kids are paying then the kids. At least that is how it should work, but too many parents are more than willing to cosign or outright borrow for stupid degrees. I told my kids up front that if I pay then I am investing and will treat it as such. They are paying for their own but have taken me up on the offer of free room and board at the house along with money for transportation while they attend school, no string attached.

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The only reason they're a problem is because they removed bankruptcy protections, which basically makes them modern slavery.

I don't really know anyone who thinks suing their college or Bank is they way to proceed. Is that a thing now?

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All debt is slavery. And it's all signed into willingly.

There's been a few posts in the Q subs talking about it lately. Bunch of born again conservatives that still want to blame others for their own poor decisions and expecting someone else, lawyers and judges, to fix it for them. Old Democrat habits die hard it seems.

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People have been grumbling about student loans sense before the 2016 election.

You have a ton of people thinking college should be free without questioning the aged institution itself.

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If student loans were outlawed, the price of university would plummet, Student loans in itself are causing the expense of college (from tuition to books) to rise.

I had TWO jobs during college(Including during the summer as a furniture mover[that shit was tough]) and STILL had over 10k loans to repay.

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I really think that millennials will be the last generation to fall for the “you need a degree” meme. All it’s done is saddled them with extra debt. Hopefully generation Z sees this and goes another route unless they want to be engineers/doctors.

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This is the true answer. As long as the government is ready to give kids tens of thousands of dollars in undischargable, guaranteed loans the cost of university will continue to balloon to cost as much as the government is willing to dole out.

We need an educated populace, but the school industry has had education as a tertiary goal at best my entire life. Universities are multi-million dollar industries, make them start acting like any other multi-million dollar industry.

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Suze Orman on the college loan scam.


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no shit right???

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I know a Walmart manager with 100000 debt for his engineering degree and a security guard with 45000 debt with no degree at all. Secretly I laugh at them both

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1/10th of a million dollars in debt for an engineering degree that they are using to manage a retail store.

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It is not easy to make it through the world without a degree, but it is possible. The single largest hurdle being you (don't know the handshake) most are so brainwashed by the system that they believe even with superior experience and understanding you are incapable. However, I do see that starting to change with most college degrees growing more meaningless by the day.

Frankly, unless you are medical, bio-chem, engineering or the like I don't think you should posses a college degree, just roll the first 2 years of college education into a post high school program you must test into, and make it part of the public school system. Change college enrollment that you cannot get in unless you successfully tested into the college level from the junior college post hs program. I guarantee you most of this college corruption that happens would disappear when the kids are with their parents for those 2 extra years and not being radicalized in the college environments. Most wont be able to test into the post hs junior college program because it wont have sports quotas or other such programs, and those who do make it out of that program into the college system would only be there for stem like fields.

This will cripple the college financial waterfall system into a garden hose and the wacky professor's would eventually all be unemployable. Channel the Gov funding from colleges to the public education system and introduce a focus on job/life skills.

And just like that so many of society's woes disappear.

Helicopter rides may need to be involved to make this work though.

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Careful now, you are talking about merit based enrollment. This plan would be deemed so racist (((half))) of the US media would be calling for your head on a spike.

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Yeah. I made this mistake. I admit it. I work in STEM now but I went to school for Philosophy.

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